WPS Students in Board’s Spotlight

Young WMS students Oliver Garner, Lily Lonadier, Violet Garvey and Emma Lummus stood before the Winn Parish School Board to tell about their experiences in Beta and Band.

When it was time to put the spotlight on Winnfield Middle School during the School Board’s November meeting, principal Brian Savell decided to let some students do the talking.    He opened by inviting veterans to a Veterans Day breakfast at the school, noting “They’ve done a lot for our country.”

Then he turned to the students, explaining that he wants the public to see a cross section of the extra-curricular activities that students enjoy.  He invited members of Beta, band and football (although the football players were unable to attend).  Each Oliver Garner, Lily Lonadier, Violet Garvey and Emma Lummus give brief presentations of their activities.

Winnfield Primary School principal James King reported that there is a lot going on at WPS, including an October visit from the Louisiana Superintendent of Education.  A field trip to Papa Simpson’s Farm was well received, as well as a Book Fair and Family Night at the school.  He looked ahead to the Veterans Day Parade through the school as well as the Nov. 16 lunch including parents and grandparents.

Sheriff candidate Josh McAllister addressed the board, saying he wants to reassure members that, if elected, he would have trained resource officers at all schools.  Officers would also be on hand as escorts for sporting events and would work to have cooperative endeavors with all agencies.  McAllister explained that there are state and federal monies available for DARE and other law enforcement support programs.

Supt. Alfred Simmons also pointed out a red “Raising a Reader” book bag that is available free while they last to families with infants and toddlers.  “This is literacy and home is the best place for reading.  Children acquire language development by hearing their parents read to them.  Reading kits are available in English and Spanish.  If parents spend even three minutes a day, it makes a difference as the child learns to turn the pages and read.”  (See related story in today’s Journal).