Winn Parish School Board Special Meeting to Address Cornovirus

The Winn Parish School Board (the Board) called a special meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, to discuss operations during school closure due to the Coronavirus.

Superintendent, Steve Barlett asked the Board to approve a proclamation declaring a state of emergency that would allow the superintendent to lead the school boards response to the outbreak, entering into agreements with contracts, supply and organize the delivery of food to children in the parish 18 years and under, the authority to pay school employees their regular compensation during the period schools are closed, the authority to adjust curriculum, work schedules, staff assignments without further board approval, authority to adjust the school calendar, the authority to apply to BSSE, LDOE & USDOE any other government agencies for waivers of regulations or requirements, the authority to apply for reimbursements, waivers, grants and aide and other COVID-19 related items on behalf of the school board, the authority to provide non-mandatory supplemental resources to students, authority for the superintendent to take any action necessary to implement all directives received by the state. The board adopted the declaration.

At this time schools are scheduled to be closed until April  13, 2020, per directives issued by Governor, John Bel Edwards. All sporting events and practices are canceled until further notice. All sporting facilities at all school properties are closed. 

All school employees will continue to receive pay during the closure. Barlett stated that principles will be able to require staff to report to work at their discretion. 

The Board stated that there is a possibility that students will not return to school in this calendar year but that is unknown at this time. 

All seniors that are eligible to graduate will do so at some point. The exact date is not known at this time. 

The Board recommends that parents work with their children on reading and writing during their time off.

Many teachers are using online resources to communicate with students.

The Board will provide breakfast and lunch to all children under the age of 18 from Monday, March 23, 2020 to Friday, April 3, 2020.

The Board will use the automated call and messaging system and its web page to disseminate any further information as the situation develops.

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