Winn Parish Police Jury Meeting March 16, 2020

The Winn Parish Police Jury met on Monday, March 16, 2020, at 5:00 PM.

Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent gave a road update. 

Mrs. Candy Christophe, candidate for US Congress District 5 introduced herself to the jury. Dr. David Britt, President and CEO of the United Way of Central Louisiana presented information on the 211 system.

District 5 Juror, Kirk Miles motioned to approve monthly invoices and the motion was carried.

  • $43,444.64   General Fund
  • $57,948.68   Road Fund
  • $3,027.46     Health Unit
  • $3,658.43     Library
  • $67,412.13   Sales Tax
  • $175,491.34 Total

District 5 Juror, Kirk Miles introduced a motion of Intent to remove the Hayes Road from the Winn Parish Road System.

District 2 Juror, Deionne Carpenter motioned to proclaim March 28, 2020 as Blinded Veterans Day and celebrate the 75″ Anniversary of the Blinded Veterans Association in Winn Parish. Proclaim the month of April 2020 as Fair Housing Month. Proclaim the week of April 13-18, 2020 as Community Development Week. To adopt a Resolution referencing the benefits of CDBG and the negative impacts which it would cause by funding cuts. To adopt a Resolution that the Winn Parish Police Jury is hereby authorized to enter the Consortium Agreement with the Sixth Planning District Consortium Workforce Area 60 and authorizes the President to sign on its behalf. To appoint Mr. Jason Tarver to the Winn Parish Industrial Board. To appoint Ms. Kelley Skains to the Winn Parish Industrial Board. To appoint Mr. Joe Evans to the Winn Parish Industrial Board. All motions carried

District 7 Juror, Allen Michael McCartney motioned  to adopt the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire of the Winn Parish Police Jury for 2019. Motion carried.

Police Jury President, Joshua McAllister motioned to appoint Mrs. Tammy Griffin to the 911 Board. To appoint Mr. Mike Carpenter to the Watershed Steering Committee to represent Winn Parish in Area’s 1 and 2. Both motions carried.

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