Scenes at Fall Festival Costume Contest 

Kennedy Cline

Photos Courtesy Louisiana Political Museum


The Fall Festival drew more than 1,000 costumed children, parents, grandparents and friends to Main Street on Halloween night.  An early attraction was the Costume Contest and Pumpkin Decorating Contest held down at the Louisiana Political Museum.  While the Journal was busy with the Gideons in the middle of the Trick-or-Treat route and at the Methodist Church at the west end, folks at the Political Museum have been kind enough to share a sampling of photos and some partial results from those contests.


Ella Lockridge is the runner-up winner in age group 0-3.  The winner was Axel McDouff (a 4 month old wearing a baby dinosaur)


Jade Stipek won the 8-10 year old division


Jake Garrett was 1st runner-up in the 4-7 year division


Losie Kate was the winner of the 4-7 year division


Kennedy Cline was the winner of 11-13 year division


Pet Costume Winner – Alice Joy (I do not know if that is the owner’s name or the dog’s name)


Some of the pumpkins entered in the contest in the 2nd – 5th grade division


The theme costume winners was a family that dressed as the solar system.  


Pumpkin contest winners were sisters.  The younger, Averie Jordan won 1st place in pre-K – 1st grade division and her sister, Allison Jordan, won 2nd place in the 2nd – 5th grade division.  The winner of the 2nd – 5th grade division, not pictured, was Khaylah Johnson, a 2nd grader.