Endorsement for Winn Parish Sheriff

Paid Advertorial

The American Loggers Council endorses Josh McAllister for Winn Parish Sheriff.

Josh has demonstrated civic and business leadership in his community, industry, and family. He understands the challenges and struggles that are threatening these social, economic, and family cornerstones of society.

There comes a time in every organization, position, and situation when it is time for the next generation to take over with new and fresh ideas, passion, and energy. Josh will bring these attributes to the position of Winn Parish Sheriff. The work ethic that Josh learned in the woods as a logger, the tireless hours and days running a logging business, the problem-solving skills all loggers must possess, and the ability to overcome challenges will lend themselves to his successful leadership as the Winn Parish Sheriff.

Winn Parish is fortunate to have the next generation that is willing to step up and accept the civic responsibility, and the sacrifices that will be necessary, to serve and improve Winn Parish.

Serving in elected positions is a civic responsibility and should not necessarily be a career. Furthermore, there are not enough elected officials with real-world business sense within many bureaucratic institutions. We need more loggers elected and making decisions and policy based on their life experiences and ability to relate to the working men and women of their community.

The American Loggers Council is confident that Josh will bring a fresh perspective focused on the future of Winn Parish, much as he has as part of the leadership of the American Loggers Council, which has helped build the American Loggers Council into the nationally recognized voice of professional loggers across the country. Therefore, the American Loggers Council unequivocally and confidently endorses Josh McAllister for Winn Parish Sheriff.

(Paid by Josh McAllister Campaign)