Dog Injured in Fatal Crash Improves – Needs Your Help

A fatal accident occurred on Hwy. 84 in Winn Parish on Sunday. The accident killed 21 year old Jacob A. Patton of Many, LA and severely injured his beloved one year old dog Blue.

Caitlin Hemphill with the Heart of Louisiana Humane Society in Winnfield received a call from Christy Harrell stating that her son Winn Parish Fire District 3 firefighter Matthew Harrell was on scene at a car accident that involved a critically injured dog. 

Caitlin and her mother Jennifer Clark immediately made their way to the site of the accident where they observed a heart wrenching scene.  In thirteen years of helping animals we have never received a call like this, the vehicle was unrecognizable,” stated Hemphill. According to reports Patton and Blue had to be cut out of the vehicle that hit a tree. Blue had been pinned in the floorboard.

According to Hemphill, Blue was in shock from blood loss when they arrived. Louisiana State Trooper Brian Coghlan had placed Blue in his unit with the heater on to try to warm him up. “It was heart warming to see him petting and comforting the injured dog,” said Hemphill. On a post on Hemphill’s Facebook Hemphill stated “We were overwhelmed by the compassion the State Police Officer on scene showed. His words were “there is so much loss already, but if the dog dies, I want him to be held, loved, and warm.”

Hemphill and Blue were driven to Crossroads Animal Emergency Clinic in Alexandria by Cameila Shelton a Heart of Louisiana Humane Society volunteer. Although Blue’s initial prognosis was grim he has started to improve and even stood up and took a few steps on Tuesday. 

We don’t normally take on pets that have owners but in this case we want to do everything possible to save this dog for the family of the man who passed away, stated Hemphill. Patton’s father has been to visit Blue at the animal clinic and took a t-shirt with his owner’s smell to comfort Blue during his recovery.

The family does not have the money for the extensive cost of Blue’s recovery on top of funeral costs for their son. In an attempt to help Blue, The Heart of Louisiana Humane Society is accepting donations to assist with the costs. You can donate at, PayPal:, mailing address: 1617 East Lafayette St. Winnfield, La 71483.

“Animal people are passionate about helping when it’s needed, I’m confident we will be able to raise the money for Blue’s recovery,” stated Hemphill.

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