WPSB Declares State of Emergency – Approves Moving Forward with Basketball Season

The Winn Parish School Board met for a Special Board Meeting Monday, November 30, 2020. The sole item on the meeting agenda was a recommendation by Superintendent Steve Bartlett that the WPSB declare a local state of emergency. The state of emergency would go into effect immediately and stay in effect until January 4, 2020.

According to Bartlett, the WPSB’s auditor recommended that the WPSB declare a state of emergency to expedite the awarding of contracts above $250,000 to contractors for roof replacements due to damage from Hurricane Laura. Bartlett explained that the WPSB’s legal counsel had been contacted and advised that the declaration would be within the law. 

The WPSB’s insurance company has agreed to pay for all roof replacements minus deductibles of $100,000. The deductibles should be reimbursed to WPSB by FEMA.

A motion was made to declare a state of emergency. The board unanimously approved the motion.

The WPSB immediately went into committee meetings. 

The Academics and Instruction Committee meeting discussed:

  1. Virtual Instruction/Face to Face Instruction
  2. COVID19 Report

Bartlett reported to the committee that:

  • All grades were back in class on Monday. 
  • They have a system that is working; although not perfect, it is as effective as it can be under the circumstances. 
  • There are currently a few more than 200 students attending virtually. 
  • Accountability Standards are still in place, and they do not expect any waivers.
  • WPSB is still operating under phase 3 guidelines since the governor made no mention of school systems in his proclamation, moving the state to phase 2. LDE/BESE are not sure what the governor’s order means for schools in the state. 
  • As of 9 AM on Monday, 14% of students were absent (293 students)
  • 65 people are in quarantine
  • Bartlett had a meeting with all high school principals regarding basketball season. Principals believe they can handle having basketball season.
    • WPSB will have high school basketball season with restrictions
    • No more than 25% capacity at each game
    • Must be seated 6 ft. apart.
    • Masks are mandatory (principals will be expected to enforce)
    • The fire marshal will closely monitor capacity.
    • No concessions

Maintenance and Building Committee discussed:

  1. Storm Recovery Update
  2. Insurance and FEMA Update

All matters for this committee were discussed in the special meeting concerning the state of emergency declaration.

The meeting was adjourned.

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