Clean Out Your Freezer Day Coming to Winn Farmer’s Market

Sunday, August 27th, the nonprofit organization ‘Hunters 4 Hungry’ and Chet Atkins (local realtor and 2023 Assessor Candidate) are hosting Winnfield’s first and hopefully annual ‘Clean Out Your Freezer’ day at our Farmers Market (located at the corner of West Main Street and St. John Street) from 1-4 pm that afternoon. 

“Get ready for a new hunting season here in Winn Parish! Clean out your freezers and donate to a good cause!” -Chet Atkins 

This event is done with the intention of not only making room in your freezers for the incoming hunting season but to allow communities the opportunity to give back and help someone in need. 

Please take note of the condition and packaging of any meat you may be donating, as well as the sanitation and safety of its transport. Coolers for all donations will be provided on-site, so no need to worry about indicating ownership or leaving your own behind. 

All donations for ‘Clean Out Your Freezer’ will go to the Winn Council of Aging and Lousiana’s Adult and Teen Challenge.