Winnfield Snoball Stand: A Community Classic

The best way to beat this kind of heat is to stay out of it, but this is the south and people have to work for a living. So if you’ve got in your water goal for the day and you need a little something more, maybe a trip down to Winnfield’s Snoball Stand (across from Brookshires, at 817 W Court St Winnfield, LA 71843) is worth the sheen of sweat you’ll form walking to your car to drive down there. 

Though originally owned and operated by the Gardner family, the Snoball stand traded hands earlier this year in May. Thanks to the interest and efforts of the Jones family, this forty-year-old community staple will continue to sling flavored snow and sticky smiles for several more summers to come.

Heather Jones, heart and innovator of operations inside the stand has taken a considerate and creative lead in catering to her customers new and old, especially those of the knee-high variety. They’ve started strong with a clear social media presence, creating accessible and extended hours, and continuing to further the playful and memorable experience available for local children. 

“I do this for the kids,” Ms. Jones remarked while being questioned by WPJ’s reporter, “the look on their face when my hand is coming across the counter with a snocone, piled high, things sticking out in all directions, that look tells me what I’m doing here.” With several more weeks of high temperatures and the four-day school switch just around the corner, Jones plans to continue keeping convenient hours to families coming and going during the busy weeks to come, specifically with the change to Monday’s in mind  

So if you find the will to get back out to your vehicle in this heat, treat yourself and get your fix with Winnfield’s Snoball Stand Monday-Thursday, from 3-7 pm, Friday 3-7 pm, and Saturday 12-6 pm.