WMS Students Participate in Impaired Driving Simulation During Red Ribbon Week

Winn Community Coalition to Prevent Youth Alcohol & Substance Use partnered with Central Louisiana Human Services District and the National Guard to bring a hands-on demonstration of the effects of drug and alcohol to students at Winnfield Middle School.

The students and a couple of teachers wore impairment goggles while peddling through an obstacle course. The goggles simulated various stages of intoxication, and out of 69 students, only two were able to complete the course without hitting and even running over multiple cones placed along the way. The students were told that the cones represented trees, other vehicles, family pets, and even pedestrians.

The students listened as a representative from each organization emphasized the importance of making good choices that save lives and prevent injuries. They were also informed that the human brain is not fully developed until a person’s mid-twenties and that the need for the brain to develop alcohol and drug-free is vital. Students were also provided materials and informative brochures from each participating agency.

It is the goal of the Winn Community Coalition to educate children and parents about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the developing brain in an effort to influence individuals to make informed choices and take positive action to foster the well-being of themselves as well as others and to prevent the cycle of addiction. If you want more information about the Winn Community Coalition to Prevent Youth Alcohol & Substance Use, please contact Shonna Moss at 318-628-0169.