Blessed: Old Lady Problems

The much anticipated mother-daughter road trip was about to commence. The overnight bags were overpacked with care, the tickets to the concert had been purchased for weeks, and the hotel was reserved using a small bank of points. The youngest daughter was dropped off at school, we had piping hot coffee in hand and we were ready to hit the open road.

It was a beautiful drive as we were headed east to Birmingham. We were taking in the early fall foliage. I was feeling like the coolest mom on the planet. We were driving six hours and forty-five minutes one-way to watch an American alternative, folk band play at a popular brewery known for hosting large crowds at its trendy venue. My oldest daughter had been following the band for a few years, she could barely contain her excitement of actually getting to see them in person.

I, on the other hand, had only heard of them through her as she forced me to listen to them. They actually began to grow on me but I was more excited just to spend some one on one time with my daughter while she was home for fall break from her resort.

We stopped an hour away from our location to grab a quick bite to eat. When we exited the car I felt somewhat stiff after the long car ride. I was feeling like the oldest mom on the planet. I tried to look young and agile as I stretched with a slight limp while walking through the parking lot. Lucky for me my daughter had bounced ten steps ahead of me and missed the awkward walk. My body had me wondering if my plantar fasciitis had returned with vengeance.

Gosh, these were total old lady problems that were dancing around in my head.

When we arrived at our hotel, I checked in on the app and was able to by-pass the front desk. The feeling of being the coolest mom returned as my daughter was impressed with my use of technology. Just as quick as we settled into the room it was time to shake the travel dust off and get ready for the concert. There was no time for a nap. I was soon feeling like the oldest mom on the planet again.

We loaded our weary traveling selves into an Uber and headed to the trendy venue only to learn the driver was dropping us off a block away. Lucky for me I had opted for the comfortable shoes and comfortable outfit while my daughter opted for stylish and uncomfortable clothing. The Edison lights were shining brightly on a small pathway that led to the Avondale Brewery. The music was extremely loud and it smelled…welll…exactly like a Brewery.

The first band came out and I know I would have enjoyed them much more had I known a few of their songs. I nodded and pretended to know some of the words. It was going amazingly well until the band instructed the audience to crouch down to the ground as low as they could go…until they gave the signal to jump up in unison. I just wasn’t interested, so I stood there in a sea of youngsters who were all crouching and waiting. That’s when it happened.

Without a doubt I do believe I aged a whole decade at that very moment. It was evident to hundreds of strangers that I was the oldest and most uncool mom in the crowd.

The next day we headed back with a ton of new memories and laughs. Oh, and it only took me two days of rest to recover from the overnight concert. Definitely old lady problems.

Not many people can say they remember the exact date and time that they started to feel a smidgen old. I say this mainly joking because I am acutely aware that age is merely a number assigned to you on your birthday. I will always consider it to be the biggest blessing of my life to be able to age gracefully and move from season to season of my life while enjoying good health and every moment with my precious daughters.

The older I get the more my faith grows, the more I learn to rely on my relationship with the Lord and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world. I pray every year that rolls by will be filled with just as many memories, life lessons, cherishing friendships, putting others needs before my own, and loving everyone the Lord puts in my path.

“I will be the same until your old age, and I will bear you up when you turn gray. I have made you and I will carry you; I will bear and rescue you.” – Isaiah 46:4