Winnfield City Council Meeting Held

The City of Winnfield City Council held a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 6:00 PM. 

I. Mayor George Moss called the meeting to order
II. Mr. Matt Miller delivered the invocation 
III. A member of the City of Winnfield Fire Department lead the Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Councilwoman Junkin made a motion to amend the agenda to add an item number two to New Business – Non-Action – Executive Session to discuss potential litigation. The motion was carried.
V. Guest and Audience Participation – Mr. Marvin Bowie of Grant Parish addressed the council regarding an ongoing issue regarding grass cutting fees at the property that he and his mother Demetria Bowie own located at 610 W. Ave.  
Shannon Chevallier with the Winn Playground and Recreation Board addressed the council asking that Recreation Board take over the Dixie Youth Program.
VI. Old Business – Action Items – 1.) Adopt Ordinance #23 of 2019 to amend section 2-58H – listing of family members for funeral and sick leave – Carried.
VII. Old Business – Non-Action Items – None
VIII. New Business – Action Items
1. Accept minutes from December 17, 2019 Special Meeting – Amended Junkin not present – amended minutes accepted
2. Accept minutes from December 12, 2019 Special Meeting – Accepted
3. Accept minutes from December 10, 2019 Regular Meeting – Accepted
4. Resolution for City of Winnfield to take over Highway 84 West Water System, Inc. – Per their request. – Carried
5. Introduction of Ordinance No. 1 of 2020 – Employee Use of City Vehicles by Councilwoman Phillips. Ordinance introduced
6. Declare Surplus Police Department Vehicle – 2008 Ford Crown Victorian Vehicle – Vin#28894 – Carried
7. Fire Department Personnel – Chief Montgomery requested the hiring of a part time volunteer fire fighter Ralph Creel and Jesse Morris as part time fire fighter on an as needed basis. Carried
8. Resolution Amending Employee Handbook to add listing of family members for funeral and sick leave – Carried
9. Resolution to purchase five new police cars – Councilman Hamms – Carried
XI. New Business – Non-Action – 1.) Discuss contract between the City and Winn Parish Detention Facility to use the city for electricity for the detention center. Legal Counsel Herman Castete will speak to sheriff. 2.) Executive Session
X. Adjournment

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