Winn Parish Police Jury Swears In New Jurors

The Winn Parish Police Jury met for a Special Session on Monday, January 13, 2020, at 5:00 PM. Winn Parish Clerk of Court Mrs. Chesney Chandler called the meeting to order. Mr. Arthur Robinson said invocation and Mr. Allen Michael McCartney lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Clerk of Court Chesney Chandler then issued the Administration of Oaths of all Winn Parish Police Jurors for the 2020-2023 term. The 2020-2023 Winn Parish Police Jurors are:
District 1 – Phillip Evans
District 2 – Deionne Carpenter
District 3 – Josh McAllister
District 4 – Tammy Griffin
District 5 – Kirk Miles
District 6 – Author Robinson
District 7 – Allen Michael McCartney

Legal Counsel Mr. Chris Nevils called for nominations for President for the 2020 year. District 6 Juror, Author Robinson nominated Josh McAllister and District 1 Juror Phillip Evans nominated Allen Michael McCartney. With a 4 to 1 vote by the Police Jurors, Josh McAllister was elected President for 2020. Mr. Nevils then turned the meeting over to the newly elected President, Josh McAllister in order for him to open nominations for vice president. Before stating opening nominations President McAllister thanked outgoing president Allen Michael McCartney for his service as President for 2019. President McAllister also thanked his colleges for the faith they showed in his abilities by nominating him as president. President McAllister then opened nominations for vice president. Author Robinson nominated Allen Michael McCartney and as there were no other nominations for vice president Mr. McCartney was elected vice president for 2020. The Special Meeting was then adjourned.

Police Jury President, Josh McAllister called to order the Regular Meeting of the Winn Parish Police Jury. There were no amendments or deletions of the agenda and the agenda was adopted. Minutes from December 16, 2019, Public Hearing and Regular Meeting were adopted.

Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent updated the jury on road conditions stating that five roads were affected by the recent storm and they worked about five hours on Saturday to remove trees from the roads. He also stated that their pothole patches are going well and they are grading all they can at this time given the weather. They are also cleaning out culverts at this time. Mr. Holmes stated that the department will need to look into and consider replacing a backhoe truck this year. 

A motion to approve invoices out of the general fund for $46,726.58, out of the road fund for $46,354.94, out of the health unit fund for $1,618.50, out of the library fund $10,448, and out of the sales tax fund for $3,974.29 for a total of $109,122.39 was carried.

A motion to reappoint Mrs. Karen Tyler as Secretary/Treasurer for a two-year term was carried.

A motion to adopt a Resolution giving Mrs. Tyler as Secretary/Treasure authority to sign documents for the Police Jury was carried.

A motion to declare employee Mr. Ronald Lee as permanent and give a 3% raise along with insurance and retirement benefits was carried.

Mr. Kirk Miles proposed a motion to adopt a Resolution to assist the Village of Sikes by grading Grady Simmons Road was carried.

Vice President Allen Michael McCartney proposed a motion to call for nominations for the Winn Parish Fire District #3 Board to serve for a two-year term.  President Josh McAllister nominated Mr. Brad Cooper to the Winn Parish Fire District #3 Board for a two-year term. 

Vice President McCartney proposed a motion to adopt a Resolution giving President authorization to sign all documents to apply for grant funds for the consolidation assessment and/or consolidation of the Atlanta Water System with the Wheeling Water System through the Office of Community Development was carried.

The meeting was adjourned.

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