Winn Parish Police Jury Regular Meeting Today

The Winn Parish Police Jury will meet for a regular meeting Monday, July 17, 2022, at 5 PM in room 112 at the parish courthouse.

I. Call to Order.
II. Invocation and Pledge.
III. Amendments or deletions.
IV. Adoption of Agenda.
V. Adoption of Minutes-June 20, 2022-Regular Meeting.
VI. Announcements and Comments.
    1. Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent-to give a road update.

  1. Mr. Brian Myles and Mrs. Sheena Myles-To be recognized for their community work
  2. Mr. Nicholas Fowlkes, Auditor with Kolder, Slaven & Company-to present the 2021 audit of the Jury.
  3. Mr. Dannie Garrett, Strategic Demographics-to review Winn Parish redistricting maps.


(1) Mrs. Deionne Carpenter-Motion to approve monthly mvo1ces.
–Motion to adopt a Resolution to assist the Village of Sikes by filling in potholes on Second Street to McMurry Street and side arm bush hogging Kirkland and Grady Simmons. –Motion to add a Sexual Misconduct Policy to the Winn Parish Personnel and Operational Manual.
–Motion to approve the beer and liquor permits for Flash Market, Inc. (formerly Dixie Mat).
–Motion to approve the beer and liquor permits for The Tavern, LLC. (formerly The Wildlife Tavern)
(2) Mr. Joshua McAllister-Motion to adopt an Ordinance to divide, create and re-designate precincts in Winn Parish and to adopt single member districts to be used in the 2023 regular election.
–Motion to raise the mileage reimbursement rate to
.58 cents per mile. 

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