Winn Parish Library’s 2023 Summer Reading Program: June Wrap-Up

Winn Parish Library’s summer reading program, “All Together Now,” couldn’t have come at a better time considering all the current changes impacting our community. It’s a good distraction from the pressures developing around us, and it’s the most accessible form of adventure for our local families here in Winn. Before we dive into their new calendar for July and completely say goodbye to June, we should take a moment and talk about all the free family fun that’s already taken place on 200 N. St. John St. 

Thanks to the collaborative endeavors of special guests like Shannon Chevallier from the LSU AG Center, participants indulged in several hands-on activities during the traditional Tuesday Tales, like the making of homemade ice cream. With a little rock salt, milk, ice and several spare ziplock bags, those in attendance were spooning their very own sweet treat in minutes, right there in the library’s meeting room of all places. 

Memorable performances like Nathan J Roberts, the friendly magician, TMM Project’s music and dance program, a visit from Harvey Rabbit and Friends, Wildlife and Fisheries bringing in a few of their scaly friends for touch and discussion, and we even heard tell of solar-powered ovens that successfully toasted up more than their fair share of s’mores. WPL’s team has had our kids covered and making the most of their summer vacations, with more still in store.

Priscilla Massey, Winn Library’s director, shared with WPJ’s reporter that the program, usually extending through the summer, would function only from June through the end of July. Considering the changes and early for our school system (August 8th), Massey and her team felt it was important not only to be mindful of the incoming adjustments in the classroom but within the home too, “We wanted to maximize on on the experience we’re offering our kids, but leave time to prepare and get back into the necessary routine needed to start school again.”

Watch the Winn Parish Journal over the next few weeks for full details as the library draws its Summer Reading program to a close and hosts its “2023 Summer Reading Movie Wrap Up” Monday, July 31st, @ 4 pm, and be sure to click to the right of the photo down below to see all photos from the program.