Winn Parish Journal Seeks Your Community News

In our effort to better serve the news needs of the Winn community, the Winn Parish Journal is reaching out to ask the assistance of our readers.

“What’s going on right here in Winn Parish is important to us all,” said Journal publisher Bob Holeman. “We’re talking about our schools, churches, clubs, civic and community organizations…you name it. We’d like to know ahead of time what you’re going to do so we can help spread the news to our readers. Then once you’ve finished, a report on how things went would be fitting.

“Over the 35 years of my newspaper days, folks would send in stories about upcoming revivals, church singings and VBS plans. We’d hear about school and 4-H and FFA accomplishments. We’d see what our civic organizations were doing to build a better Winn. We’d learn about all sorts of upcoming public events. All this was publicized. We’re working today to give our readers the confidence that the Journal is a reliable informational platform for you. We’re not just available for your organization’s news. We want it.

“I was visiting at the newspaper last week and shared this thought. The newspaper and the online Journal are certainly news sources. But while you might not realize it, they are also chronicling Winn’s history. If you think about it, nobody’s writing a book about Winn Parish today. Outsiders don’t care. But weekly, bit by bit, the newspaper and Journal document today’s news which becomes tomorrow’s history. I’ve seen many use the bound newspaper files for historical research. I’d like to believe down the road, folks will go online to trace the Journal files in their research.”

To submit a story to the Journal, simply email your document to If you have a few pictures to accompany it, attach them as well. If you need a little editing help so that your story will look its best when the latest is published, don’t worry because the Journal will assist.

Should readers have other questions, they can also reach publisher Bob Holeman at