Voters Asked to Strongly Consider Supporting Josh McAllister for Winn Parish Sheriff

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McManus Timber Co., Inc. Encompasses 40 year milestone

Liz and Tony McManus would like to thank the people of Winn Parish for the help and support received over the past 40 years.  We know that without it, McManus Timber would not be what it is today.  I want to thank our employees for their work and dedication, especially through these hot summer months.  Hopefully the worst is behind us and cooler temperatures are close.  As our company has aged so have our workers.  Several of our great friends are no longer with us.  To those men’s children and family, McManus Timber is very grateful.  To all the support companies that supply the things necessary to keep the wheels turning, a very big THANK YOU.  

Our hope here at McManus Timber Co., Inc. is that with continued cooperation among each other, that Winnfield and Winn Parish will stop losing population and start thriving once again, and that our children will be able to stay here and find good jobs if they desire.  

That is why we would like to ask the voters of Winn Parish to Strongly consider supporting Josh McAllister for Winn Parish Sheriff.  It is a fact that Winn Parish has been in decline for a long time.  Many of my friends and your children sadly have moved away to find better careers.  Liz and I were blessed to have settled here in “timber country”, and have been sustained by this industry.  But most people that chose a different path could not stay here.  

Six years ago a group of Louisiana Loggers decided to send Josh and my daughter, Toni, to Baton Rouge to try to help change things in our industry.  As with most new endeavors, it was slow at first, until they learned the ropes and met the people that have the ability to direct the help in our direction.  I would like to report the phenomenal success that has been achieved, through legislation proposed by Josh and Toni that was passed into law.  Loggers like us are reaping the benefits on every load that we haul and Winn Parish has also benefited from them! 

Since Josh was elected to the jury in 2016, our parish has experienced several major natural disasters.  As parents and citizens of Winn Parish, we are very proud of our children.  When trouble came, they went and found the help needed for many that were effected.  Some people make claims about Josh’s lack of law enforcement experience.  Did you know that some of Louisiana’s best sheriffs came from a business background?

Successful companies know how to surround themselves with the people that excel in whatever they want to accomplish.  Law enforcement is no different.  We think that Josh will make a great sheriff because of his police jury experience and his many years at McManus Timber managing personnel and cost issues of equipment and payroll.  He and Toni have learned how to navigate through the process and will hopefully be able to get support for our parish from his many friends made in the house and senate.  Let’s give Josh a chance.  We can not settle for business “as usual” and expect a different result.


Tony and Liz McManus