Fair President Stresses Fun, Safety for Children; Outlines Oct. 2-7 Special Activities

“Our 2023 Winn Parish Fair is just a few weeks away, set to be held Oct. 2 through 7,” says Fair president Jamey Maxwell.  “Our emphasis is on keeping our Fair family-friendly and working to make it safe for the kids.  We want to thank the people of Winn for staying with us through the difficult COVID times and now that we’re through that, urge you to come on out.”

With this in mind, the Fair board has removed the old Pilot Club building.  It was in bad shape and they didn’t want anyone to be injured.  Since the building is gone, that land is being repurposed to provide a separate area for the carnival workers to stay.  The plan then will be to set up rides for adults at the north end of the grounds and games and rides for children at the south end.  “This will allow families with small children to enjoy the fair without being exposed to the loud and boisterous atmosphere of the adult portion of the Fair,” says Maxwell.  

The carnival will again be provided by Midwest Rides in their sixth year under contract.  “It’s difficult to find a carnival willing to come into a small community like ours.  We had a good year with this carnival last year with many comments on the cleanliness and friendliness.” 

The city of Winnfield has a “No Sagging” ordinance, and this ordinance will be strictly enforced.  The Fair also has a “No Hoodie” policy (where a hoodie may be attached to a sweatshirt but not worn over the head to hide identity). The fair also have a “No Alcohol or Open Container” ordinance on the premises.     

Monday through Friday, the Commercial Building will be open through daytime hours when school groups come through at various times to tour exhibits.  The building is also open nights when the midway is in full swing.  Gates are open free to the public during the day, with gate fees beginning at 5 p.m.  Maxwell pointed out that the Fair board sets aside monies each year for ongoing repairs and improvements.  One investment this time has been LED lighting inside the Commercial Building which will mean both better visibility and lower costs.

Monday, Oct 2 at 6 pm the midway Rides open-Midwest Ride with Unlimited ride armband for $20

Tuesday- Oct 3 Outside events open 6 pm with Pay one price rides on the Midway.  Note this is a Canned Food Drive:  Bring in 3 canned goods, get $5 off the price of an armband-$15 instead of $20.  Political Stumping Featured at 7.  Come hear the candidates on this fall’s ballot promise voters what they can bring to their office in this old fashioned “stumping.”

Wednesday, Oct 4  Midway rides open at 6.   This is Buddy Day, purchase 2 armbands for $30.  Feature entertainment at 7 with New Zion Missionary Baptist Church music ministry, Pastor Tomell Hamm and choir director Chianne Holmes at Amphitheatre stage.