The Pastor’s Pen – Communication 

Hi there, this is Shaun Garner, Pastor at Winnfield 1st Assembly of God:

In any battle, Whether it’s a wartime event or simply living life one day at a time,communication is key. Without it the world would be in chaos, Yet people go without using it  every day.

The lack of communication can mean Life or death when it comes to a military operation, It may mean failure in a business deal, Or as most men know,it can mean driving around for an hour because we refused to ask for directions. In every sense we have to have some form of communication.

In the fast pace world we live in today, it seems to be more or less just a go with the flow  motion , without paying any attention to the many signs of communication in the world around us. It can come as the voice of a child telling you he’s hungry or as a sign One may show when they are aggravated, and slowing down to read these signs of communication could possibly save a lot of heartache down the road.

As a believer I’ve learned that to get the communication around me, that’s on a vertical level right, I must have the communication horizontally in place for it to work properly, that is my communication with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we slow down long enough to have that communication with him he can help us see the signs that are communicated around us in our family, at our workplace, and even at the shopping center.

Truth is , at the end of this month, My wife and I will have celebrated 22 years of marriage, and yet we have not got this communication thing 100% figured out yet. But I know that without it we would not have made it this far and not every thing communicated has been verbal, we learn to take note of what the other is saying and what the other needs by paying attention, and even though we miss a lot, you can’t stop trying. Many times the kids would come in with a smile And  say everything’s OK, but through communication we would find out that a lot of times there was a burden that they just didn’t know how to talk about.

To sum it up, Communication is important and when we communicate with Christ we learn where our true help comes from, and when we communicate with our family we learn things about each other that we can talk through and help each other with. I would also encourage that you get plugged in to a local church,  whether it’s the church I pastor, or one of the other great churches in our community, get plugged in, and start  a line of communication with other believers who will pray with you and encourage you in the life struggles which we all face from time to time. 

We want you to know that you are loved and that you’re not alone. The enemy wants to cut out all communication, because he knows that will ruin relationships and destroy lives. And we may never get it perfect , I know I sure haven’t, but we must keep a line of communication open if we want to succeed in life.

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