Film being Shot in Shreveport Seeks Extras, Vehicles from 1960s and 1970s

by Brad Dison

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? This could be your chance.

Do you have an old car and want to have it in a movie?  This could be your chance to do that as well.  

A thriller entitled “The Man in the White Van,” is filming in Shreveport and is casting extras (background actors/actresses) as well as vehicles from 1974 and earlier.  The tagline for the movie is: “Set in 1974 in Florida, this true-crime, Hitchcockian thriller about an ominous white van that begins stalking a young girl leads to a terrifying Halloween nightmare.”

It is easy and free to get started. 

  1. Visit
  2. Register for a free account (they have a “Pro” accounts available which are not free but this is not necessary)
  3. Complete your profile
    1. Answer as many of the questions as possible.  The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to get a part.  (Unless you have an agent, these will be non-speaking parts)
    2. Be sure to add pictures of yourself. Most casting agents want a headshot (a picture from your chest up) and a picture of you from head to toe.   (don’t include filtered or touched-up pictures.  Casting agents are interested in your facial features, bone structure, etc.  They will be responsible for fixing your hair and makeup if necessary.)
    3. Be sure to add your correct clothing sizes.  This will aid wardrobe in having clothing that fits when you arrive.  Sometimes you will be able to wear your own clothing.  (I once got a featured part, not because of talent, but because I fit the outfit which was designed for someone who failed to show up.)
    4. Include a good phone number and email address that you check regularly.
    5. Don’t worry about not having experience.  A production assistant will give you full instructions and will help you throughout the filming process.
    6. Where it asks if you are a singer or play instruments?  Be honest and be prepared to perform in front of hundreds of people.
    7. If you want to have your vehicle(s) considered to be used in films, be sure to add photos and descriptions in the proper section.  (I have a 1965 Ford car which was cast in this movie within a few hours of me adding pictures and description in my profile.)
    8. There is even a spot in your profile where you can include photos of your pets if you would like for them to have a shot at a movie part.

Once a part comes available which the casting agent thinks you would be good in, someone from the casting office will call or email you. 

They usually keep shooting locations secret.  They will provide you with instructions if you get cast.  

Working as an extra in films can be a lot of fun.  Good Luck!!!

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