State of Emergency Declared for Winn Parish

A state of emergency has been declared for Winn Parish. Hurricane Delta is forecasted to impact the Parish from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. The storm is currently predicted to make landfall as a major category 3 or stronger.

Residents should begin storm preparations immediately. While several forecast models have the eye of the storm passing over the south central and eastern portions of the state, some models have Hurricane Delta following a similar path as Hurricane Laura. Almost all of the projected paths will bring damaging winds to our parish.

Because of this residents should prepare for a significant impact including life and property threatening winds, impassable roads, large amounts of debris, and extended power outages.

Now is the time to stock up on essential items, such as:

– non perishable food
– bottled water
– gas for cars, generators, and debris removal equipment
– flashlights
– batteries
– medicine

Make sure cell phones and all portable chargers are charged and ready before the storm hits.

Residents who require electricity for life sustaining medical equipment should have a backup power source ready or make arrangements to temporarily relocate if necessary. Residents living in mobile homes are also encouraged to temporarily relocate if possible.

For residents with generators: DO NOT run the generator inside your home if you lose electricity. The generator should be placed outside and as far away as possible from any open windows.

All residents should continue to monitor updates from the National Weather Service as the storm approaches, and take all precautions to keep you and your family safe.

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