Rep. Jack McFarland Talks of Capitol Activity at Kiwanis

Jack McFarland speaks to Winnfield Kiwanis

(Cutline for the photo used in the header: Jack McFarland speaks to Winnfield Kiwanis)

Jack McFarland told the Kiwanis club that when he was in school is was not his dream to be an elected official. He does not use the term politician because that has negative connotations for him. However, he said it is a privilege to represent us. One thing he is fighting for is to keep the Louisiana Political Museum in Winnfield because there are people who want to move it to Baton Rouge.

He spoke about redistricting. There are still legal challenges but changes to District 13 include all of Winn, all of Jackson, some of Bienville and the northern part of Natchitoches parish. McFarland played a role in drawing the district. He wanted all of Winn parish in District 13.

McFarland is on the Republican State Central Committee, chairman of the House Ag Committee, Chairman of the Conservative Caucus and on the appropriations committee. He is running for Speaker of the House. It has been 45 years since North Louisiana had a speaker of the house. That was Bubba Henry from Jonesboro. The Speaker of the House gets $40 million for his district.

McFarland spoke about the expenditure limit which was set to control spending. He believes that you can’t spend non-reoccurring money on things that reoccur every year. Non-reoccurring money came from American Rescue Plan, Covid, Hurricanes Laura and Ida. That was money that will no longer be given.

McFarland spoke about being called to the governor’s office to talk about his vote and how to get his vote. He votes his district. To find out how his district feels about certain things he talks to the people in his district who are involved in those things-the sheriff, the district attorney, teachers, bankers, judges, etc. The Fortified Roof Program is something he wants which is $40 million. It offers grants to people to fortify their roofs and in turn it will lower insurance cost to residents. There are over 500 bridges in District 13 and he wants money for the preservation of those bridges and roads. He is not concerned about adding new roads in South Louisiana.

Unlike the past years the legislative session now requires working 7 days a week. When he started in the legislature you went home on the weekends but those days are gone. In the legislature he is concerned with water, sewer, infrastructure, and education. He wants to be fiscally responsible for his district.

McFarland is eligible for one more term and he is running for reelection.