Flags Show Winn’s Recognition of 247 Years of Nation’s Independence on July 4

Winn Parish took a break from routine on Tuesday, July 4, to celebrate 247 years since the signing and ratification of the Declaration of Independence which created the United State of America from the original 13 colonies and declared this union independent from British rule.

On seven patriotic days during the year, members of the Winnfield Lions Club rise early to place some 100 American flags throughout the downtown area and over the railroad overpass.  Early Tuesday morning they gathered across from the courthouse to perform that Independence Day duty.  Pictured are Lions Mike Kennedy, Dianne Kennedy, George Futrell and Becky Brazzell.

They noted that “renewal” time has arrived.  Any business or individual wishing to sponsor a flag or honor a veteran may do so through a $35 donation to the Lions Club for all seven events.  (Lions put up, take down and store all flags).  For details, contact Mike Kennedy at Sportsman’s Trading.