Louisiana Loggers Association August Meeting Filled With Special Guests

Louisiana Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder along with many of the House of Representatives including (Rep Danny McCormick, Rep Michael Echols, Rep Wayne McMahon, Rep Foy Gadberry, Rep Chris Turner, RepJack McFarland, Rep Gabe Firment, Rep Dodi Horton, Rep Rodney Schamerhorn, and Senators Jay Morris and Louie Bernard were present at the August monthly meeting of the Louisiana Loggers Association (LLA). Speaker Schexnayder spoke about the joint effort and hard work that it took to pass HB 57 “Civil Action reform of 2020.” The Speaker also explained the collateral source piece added to HB 57 that addresses the commercial liability crisis in the state.

Josh McAllister President of Winn Parish Police Jury and Louisiana Logger PAC stated “It says a lot for not only the Louisiana Loggers Association but Winn Parish as well when the speaker of the House and all of these other great Legislators show up and tell us about the positive direction our state and Parish are headed in”

Rep Jack McFarland stated  “it’s great to have the Speaker, Reps, and Senators in Winnfield meeting with the LA Loggers Association.”

As if the group mentioned above wasn’t impressive enough. In attendance were political candidates Judge Jay McCallum and Judge Shannon Gremillion (Candidates for Supreme Court.) The candidates addressed the group along with Rep Lance Harris, candidate for Congress District 5.

“I’m not sure if a sitting speaker of the house has ever visited Winn Parish! But we are so glad he chose to meet with us, the Louisiana Logger,” stated Toni McAllister (Executive Director of LLA) who also expressed how  honored the LLA was to host such a crowd! 

Lee and Kimi Tilton were present with their new ClearPass by Clear To Work, which among other things, checks temperatures hands-free. This exciting new device was used to check the temperature of everyone in attendance. Kimi also presented to the group regarding how the hands-free device can be used in different settings to help promote healthy practices and mitigation measures.

(mitigation measures were put in place with chairs 6′ apart, sanitizer and masks were available at entry and less than 50 people were in attendance)

From left – Louisiana Legislators: Jay Morris, Lance Harris, Danny McCormick, Wayne McMahon, Michael Echols, Foy Gadberry, Clay Schexnayder, Chris Turner, Jack McFarland, Gabe Firment, Dodi Horton Rodney Schamerhorn, Louie Bernard
From Left – Louisiana Loggers: David Moss, Brady Riche, Toni McAllister, Jody Woodard, Jack McFarland, Darryl Franks, Josh McAllister, Tony McManus, Adrian James, Spencer Gaar, Randy Stott, Steven Gaar, Bradley McDowell, Clay Ingles, Will Adkins
From left – LLA Executive Director Toni McAllister, Louisiana Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder, LLA President Josh McAllister

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