WPSB Job Fair Tomorrow

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Bring your resume or evidence of qualifications.
All positions require a criminal background check.
Some positions require pre-employment drug testing.


  •  Bus Drivers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Food Service Workers
  • Custodial Workers
10:00 – 11:30 amAtlanta Library
10:00 – 11:30 amDodson Library
1:00 – 2:30 pmCalvin Library
1:00 – 2:30 pmSikes Library


THE RIDE IS BACK ! After being cancelled last year due to COVID, ”RIDE ATAXIA-DALLAS” is scheduled to take place on November 6th, 2021, at University of North Texas, Discovery Park, Denton, Texas. As always, there will be three rides taking place with 6, 27 & 50 mile route options. Lunch will once again be catered by Outback Steakhouse.The ride is always fun for everyone and is one of the major fundraising events for FRIEDREICH’S ATAXIA RESEARCH ALLIANCE ( FARA ). The goal for the Dallas ride is $175,000 this year. Our team, Kate’s Krewe, has participated in the ride over the past few years. The ride, along with our other fundraising efforts, has helped Kate raise over $100,000 for FARA. With your help we can add to that total this year and further assist in the efforts to treat and find a cure for FA through their research studies and clinical trials.

Kate will not be riding this year, but will be there to support and encourage the Kate’s Krewe team as well as her fellow team leaders and their riders.We invite you to join Kate’s team, ride, volunteer, and/or donate. It is through the generosity of you and many others that keeps their hopes and dreams alive (prayers are always welcome).

Please consider helping to support our efforts by making a donation to FARA. FARA is a national, public 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt organization. This can easily be done several ways, first by going to the internet to: makeithappencurefa.com , then clicking on Kate’s Krewe Team Page and then select DONATE , or by calling one of us to pickup your donation or mail it to us (phone & address below).

Thank you for your consideration and please keep Kate in your prayers.

Bo & Chris Walker
318-663-4047 318-663-1611
700 W North St
Winnfield,LA 71483

Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report

Name: Dearius Q. Mamon
Date: 10-12-2021
Age: 33
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Charge: Failure to Appear X 2

Name: Carl A. Hutchins
Date: 10-13-2021
Age: 54
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Death – Accidental

Name: Misty D. Carlino Martin
Date: 10-13-2021
Age: 40 
Race: White
Sex: Female
Charge: Death – Accidental

Name: Richard A. Jordan
Date: 10-14-2021
Age: 45
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Failure to Appear

Name: Austin Ray Ourso 
Date: 10-15-2021
Age: 29
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Disturbing the Peace

Date: Kori D. Mosley, Jr.
Age: 10-15-21
Charge: Failure to Appear X 3

Name: Craig D. Mercer
Date: 10-15-21
Age: 24
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Charge: Failure to Appear X 3

Name: Joseph E. Garrison
Date: 10-16-2021
Age: 37
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Battery-Simple, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, Possession of Marijuana, Disturbing the Peace Violent and Tumultuous Manner

Name: Willie R. Daventport, Jr.
Date: 10-16-2021
Age: 51
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Charge: Possession with Intent to Distribute

Name: Daniel Howard Morton
Date: 10-17-2021
Age: 36
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Speeding 40 to 44 MPH Over Speedlimit

Name: J’Anthony L. Foster
Date: 10-18-2021
Age: 24
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Charge: Failure to Appear

Name: Michael E. Edmonds, Jr. 
Date: 10-18-2021
Age: 34
Race: White
Sex: Male
Charge: Criminal Trespass, Unathorized Entry of Inhabited Dwelling, Simple Criminal Damate to Property, Possession of a Firearm or Carrying a Concealed Weapon by a Felon

Winnfield Police Department Arrest Report – Updated

City of Winnfield Police Department

Name: Kendrick Sapp
Date: 10-10-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Charge: Failure to Appear (Traffic Tickets)
Bond: $500 – $100

Name: Kendrick Sapp
Date: 10-11-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Charge: Failure to Appear (Traffic Tickets)
Bond: $400 – $250 – $100

Name: Gary S. Lang
Date: 10-12-2021
Address: Hodge, LA
Race: White
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Charge: Theft < $1,000, Identity Theft, Warrant Failure to Appear
Bond: Hold for Grant Parish

Name: Glen Z. Wade
Date: 10-14-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Charge: Battery of a Dating Partner
Bond: Transfered to WPDC

Name: Joseph E. Garrison III
Date: 10-16-2021
Address: Dry Prong, LA
Race: White
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Charge: Simple Battery , Disturbing the Peace, Possession of CDS I, Aggravated Assault w/Firearm
Bond: Transfered to WPDC

Name: Scotty S. Cruse
Date: 10-16-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: White
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Charge: Bench Warrant
Bond: N/A

Name: Willie J. Davenport
Date: 10-16-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Charge: Distribution of CDS Schedule I Marijuana
Bond: N/A

Name: Baron R. Collins
Date: 10-18-2021
Address: Winnfield, LA
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Charge: Production Manufacture, Distribute , Possession w/Intent to Distribute, Possession of a Firearm by Person Convicted of  Certain Felonies, Illegal Carrying of Weapons, Resisting an Officer by Flight
Bond: Transfered to WPDC

Goldonna News

We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit… how about you?

The Goldonna Wildcat Cheerleaders are working so hard to raise money for their new megaphones, a new mascot and game day transportation. Each cheerleader is having a “calendar fundraiser” in hopes of meeting their goals. To participate you pick the day you would like to pay. You have thirty days to choose from. This means that no amount of money is too small. The last day of this fundraiser will be November 1.

Please contact the school at 318-727-9449 or one of the cheerleaders to make your donations.

They will also be hosting another bake sale at Wal Mart in Winfield on Wednesday, October 20th from 10am until 4pm. Word on the street is that these tasty baked good will not last long.

October will be a busy month for the Goldonna Junior High Basketball team. They will play at NJH in Natchitoches on October 25th and Natchitoches Magnet will be visiting Goldonna on October 28th. We need a packed house for these games. Come support the team and cheer them on!

All good things must come to an end and this includes the Deer Corn Raffle being held at the school. The drawing will be held on October 25. One dollar is all it takes to get your lucky name included in the hat. Start thinking about all of the hungry deer in the area and support the school today.

The Goldonna Baptist Church was recently recognized as one of the top 25 churches to donate the most money to the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.

Step right up! You are guaranteed to have fun and faith at the Goldonna Assembly of God’s family night on Friday, October 22 beginning at 6:00pm.

River of Life Church has planned their Thanksgiving feast for Sunday, November 21st. All are welcome join the church body for food and fellowship directly after the service.

The Goldonna Christmas in the Park Committee is hard at work and is inviting you to join in the fun. Please contact Mayor Jennifer Smith if you would like to help Santa’s Elves make this the most successful year as of yet.

if you have news to contribute please email Reba Phelps at jreba.Phelps@gmail.com

Remember This? The Dale

In October of 1973, OAPEC, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, proclaimed an oil embargo which was targeted at nations who supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War.  The embargo caused an oil crisis which drove gasoline prices up in the United States.  Some politicians wanted to instill a national gasoline rationing program, but President Richard Nixon said a gasoline ration would be a last resort.  By January of 1974, gasoline prices had quadrupled from what they were before the crisis.

Due to shortages, consumers abandoned the large, fuel-thirsty cars in favor of more compact, fuel-efficient cars.  Customers flocked to Chevy Novas, Dodge Darts, and Ford Mavericks and avoided Ford LTDs and Chevrolet Caprices.  One of the most fuel-efficient cars from that era was the Chevrolet Chevette hatchback, which the company claimed would get nearly 40 miles per gallon.  Many people wondered if the America’s “Big 3”, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, could survive.

Consumers’ desire for more fuel-efficient cars brought Geraldine Elizabeth “Liz” Carmichael, president of the 20th Century Motor Car Company, to the forefront.  Liz was a farm girl from rural Indiana who earned a degree in engineering at Ohio State University.  She later met and married a NASA scientist but was widowed when he died tragically.  Liz broke down barriers and became the first female CEO of an American automobile company.  Liz tracked down another talented engineer named Dale Leon Clift who had used motorcycle parts to build a spunky, 3-wheeled roadster in his garage.  Liz convinced Dale to sell her his unique car along with the license for the design for $1,000 upfront plus $3 million after it went into production.  

Once all of the paperwork was squared away, Liz described the company’s upcoming model to the press.  It was a 3-wheeled car for the future built of space-aged plastic which got 70 miles per gallon at a cost of only $2,000 when the lowest priced entry level cars from the Big 3 cost a minimum of $3,300.  Liz named the car after its creator, Dale.  

The Dale was a showstopper at the 1973 Los Angeles International Auto Show.  Crowds gathered around the car and listened in amazement at every detail about the futuristic car.  The Dale was untippable although it only had 3 wheels because of its center of gravity.  The Dale was 300 pounds less than similar sized 4-wheel cars.  It was ingeniously simple.  Each mechanical component could be replaced in thirty minutes or less.  Rather than messy wiring which could eventually prove problematic, every electrical part was controlled by a printed circuit dashboard.  The car was made of an “aerospace plastic” called Rigidex, which could withstand a 50 mile per hour impact with a brick wall.  The Dale was nothing short of an automotive revolution.

Investors invested heavily in the revolutionary car.  Once the cars were available to the general public, the stock price was expected to skyrocket.  The investors were sure to become wealthy.  Things began to unravel when, in late January of 1975 20th Century Motor Car Company salesman William D. Miller’s body was found in his office in Encino, California.  He had been shot four times in the head.  A local news team investigating the murder made an unannounced visit to the large airplane hangars the company listed as its factory.  To their surprise, the factory was completely empty.  There were no workers, no tools, and no cars.  There was no evidence that there had ever been a car factory at that location.  Liz was missing too.

Liz fled to Texas to avoid prosecution, but she continued promoting the Dale under a new name, the Revette.  Liz was successful enough that the Revette was featured on an episode of the game show, The Price is Right.  A California regulator happened to be watching the gameshow and immediately recognized the unique vehicle.  Investigators tracked Liz down and arrested her outside of Dallas, Texas.

Investigators learned that Liz was not her real name.  Since 1961, federal agents had warrants for her under a different name for fraud, theft and counterfeiting.  Liz was convicted in 1975 on the earlier federal charges after a nearly 2-year investigation and trial.  

While appealing her case, a television producer under the guise of a perfume merchant bailed Liz out of jail.  Liz had promised the producer an exclusive exposé on the Dale story.  Before the exposé could be completed, Liz disappeared again.  Twelve years later, another television producer, a producer for the NBC series Unsolved Mysteries, found Liz working at a flower stand under the name Katherine Johnson in, as irony would have it, Dale, Texas.  Liz spent another 32 months in jail related to the fraud surround the Dale automobile.

Liz’s whole life story was pure fiction.  In reality, Liz had been married to four different women and had a total of ten children. Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael was a man by the name of Gerald Dean Michaels.  


  1.  The Post-Star (Glens Falls, New York), December 1, 1973, p.1.
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My Opinion – 4 Constitutional Amendments on Ballot for November 13th

By: Royal Alexander

As you may know, there are four proposed amendments to our state Constitution on the ballot for November 13th (postponed from Oct. 9, 2021, due to the impact of Hurricane Ida). I wanted to address and summarize them here.

The first, Amendment No. 1, does not change our tax rates but does involve the centralized collection of state sales taxes and takes significant steps “toward consolidating and streamlining our unusually fragmented state and local sales tax system.” (parlouisiana.org). A vote “for” Amendment 1 would allow for the creation of a single government state sales tax collector (instead of multiple different government bodies as is the case now—even in the same parish) to manage all relevant matters including collection of sales taxes and electronic filing of taxes while also providing tax policy guidance and rules regarding sales tax audits.

Approval of Amendment 1, in summary, would: 1). create a new commission with representatives of state and local agencies; 2). provide for electronic filing and create a process for combined state, local and remote sales tax collection for all taxing authorities in the state.; 3). the Commission would remit revenue to the collector for each local taxing authority and to the state revenue department; 4). the Commission would also issue policy advice where needed and develop rules relative to the audit process. (parlouisiana.org).

It should not be difficult to understand that streamlining our complex, obsolete, patchwork quilt system of sales tax collection would greatly assist businesses already located here and, importantly, those we hope to attract to Louisiana. It removes bureaucratic red tape and provides a much simpler method by which companies and businesses can comply with the law.

The second, Amendment No. 2, essentially would provide for an income tax “swap” whereby the maximum possible rate of individual income tax would be reduced from 6% to 4.75% and ultimately to 4.25% when the corresponding tax reform statute is coupled with this Amendment. In return, however, the Amendment and the tax changes it would spark would eliminate the federal tax deduction (and limit excess itemized deductions to only health care expenses) for state individual income tax filers. Again, though, the elimination of the federal tax deduction (and limiting of excess itemized deductions) would presumably be offset by lower state individual income taxes. (parlouisiana.org). It’s also worth noting that included in the package of reforms that would follow with approval of Amendment 2 is the reduction (and hopefully, eventual elimination) of the franchise tax rate—a punitive tax on capital and retained earnings.

Approval of Amendment 2 would greatly assist our existing businesses and likely cause corporations across the country to take another look at Louisiana given the potential for job creation and significant new business opportunity.

The third, Amendment 3, involves the taxing authority for new levee districts and allows levee boards (ones created since 2006) to raise up to a 5-mill property tax without voter approval. I know it likely won’t surprise readers to know that I oppose allowing a levee board, based upon its own authority, to levy property taxes without voter approval. I realize levee districts serve a very important purpose in our state—primarily the construction and maintenance of levees—but so do many other government agencies that don’t possess the power to unilaterally raise taxes by a vote of their board. I don’t mean to appear to target levee boards or districts, I simply feel voters should always decide on tax increases.

The fourth, Amendment 4, involves allowing for the transfer of a greater amount of dedicated funds—increased from 5% to 10%—to the state general fund to plug a state budget deficit. Let me say first that I am aware of the vigorous debate policymakers frequently have about how many dedicated funds there are in our Louisiana Constitution. Funds that, no matter how bleak the economy or catastrophic the storm may be that hits our state, cannot be used for anything else but their dedicated purpose.

I don’t have the opportunity in this article to fully address this issue but let me say this: Louisiana is constitutionally required to maintain a balanced budget and how that is done is generally up to the governor, but I believe dedicated funds should remain dedicated. If the Legislature ever wishes to alter or “unlock” these constitutional dedications it may do so in the same way they were dedicated in the first place, by constitutional amendment. (statutory dedications would be addressed by statute). However, in the meantime, I feel it best they remain to fund those policy determinations and priorities for which they were originally dedicated. Again, if state government ever wants to undertake real reform and broadly “undo” these dedications it is certainly free to do so which would require a state constitutional convention. (Also, the state constitution can be amended—and has been many times!—in a piecemeal fashion with the approval of two-thirds of each body and a majority of voters in a statewide referendum/public vote.)

Please know I realize there are many ways to analyze and consider the foregoing Amendments.

Perhaps, in A. 1, some prefer leaving tax collections in the hands of several different government authorities, with more local control; Perhaps, in A. 2, some state taxpayers prefer to retain the federal tax deduction and not alter the individual state income tax rates; perhaps in A. 3, some prefer to allow levee districts and boards to unilaterally raise up to 5 mills in property tax without voter approval because of the dire circumstances flooding and hurricanes constantly present in our state; perhaps in A. 4, allowing a greater use of dedicated funds—from 5% to 10%—is necessary because Louisiana does periodically face economic difficulties and, arguably, the governor needs that latitude.

We all get to decide how to vote! While we are deciding, we should remember that while the matter of taxes and taxation is often controversial, they are critical issues for a self-governing people. Oliver Wendell Holmes said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Daniel Webster said that the power to tax is the power to destroy. Therefore, the goal for public policy makers in Louisiana is to thread the needle and find the happy medium in between—tax rates and a tax system that doesn’t suffocate and kill the free market and Louisiana businesses but also allows for a modest and frugal local, state, and national government.

The views and opinions expressed in the My Opinion article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Winn Parish Journal. Any content provided by the authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.

LDWF Recreational Hunting, Fishing Licenses Now on LA Wallet

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has partnered with LA Wallet to bring digital hunting and fishing licenses to Louisiana citizens. Effective today, October 18, 2021, citizens with a Louisiana Driver’s License or State ID can use LA Wallet to display their purchased LDWF licenses on their smartphone.

Licenses can be purchased on the LDWF website through an approved retail vendor or at the LDWF headquarters in Baton Rouge. The LA Wallet app is free for the public (Download at Google Play / Apple Store).

To connect your LDWF licenses to LA Wallet:

  1. Tap the LDWF Licenses credential shown on the homepage.
  2. Read the disclaimer, then tap the yellow Connect LDWF Account button at the bottom.
  3. Once your LDWF account is found, tap Yes to add your licenses.

Your LDWF account information will display at the top of the screen, along with your hunter education number and federal duck stamps, if they are found. To see your individual licenses, tap the category to expand the licenses in that category. You will only see the categories for which you hold licenses. Expired licenses will display for 30 days in LA Wallet.

LDWF has developed a video demonstration to walk through the steps above.

As always, official hunting and fishing licenses may still be carried in several other ways:

  • Email – If an email address is available in our system and a license is purchased, a digital version of that license will be emailed.
  • Image – An individual can also take a photo of their license and store that photo on their phone.
  • Paper – We recommend folding the license and storing it in a zip-top bag or laminating the paper print between two pieces of packaging tape.

LA Wallet is a free legal, digital version of a citizen’s driver’s license, LA Wallet can also hold the official digital version of a citizen’s COVID-19 vaccination status on file with the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), and now, your official Louisiana hunting and fishing licenses on file with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Eligible users can renew their driver’s license or request a duplicate driver’s license from the app for a fee.

Notice of Death October 19, 2021

Shirley Ann LeBlanc Mayeux
November 09, 1937 – October 15, 2021
Service: Thursday, October 21 at 10 am at The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Rev. Wayne Hicks
January 17, 1938 – October 07, 2021
Service: Saturday, October 23 at 1 pm at Calvary Baptist Church in Natchitoches

Ruth Faye Ellzey
May 18, 1932 – October 17, 2021
Service: Wednesday, October 20 at 2 pm at Cenchrea Church of the Nazarene

Marvin Randolph Ebarb
January 23, 1942 – October 16, 2021
Service: Wednesday, October 20 at 10 am at St. Ann Catholic Church

Guaynell Dunsworth Wimberly
September 12, 1929 – October 16, 2021
Cemetery: Saturday October 30, 2021 at 2 PM.

2021 Fall Festival – Thursday, October 28th – Downtown Winnfield

The Winn Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and the City of Winnfield invite you to the 2021 Fall Festival. 

Bring the family out for some Fall festivities in downtown Winnfield on Thursday, October 28th.

Trunk or Treat from 5 – 7

Costume Contest will start at 6:30 in the grass area beside town hall

Age Groups:
0-3 years
4-7 years
8-12 years

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Drop off location: Town Hall (in the grass area)
Have Pumpkins there between 4:30-5:00pm
Age Groups:

For questions or to reserve a spot contact: Shonna Moss 628-0169

1st Annual Trade Days to Host Gumbo Cook-off

November 13, 2021, the Winn Parish Fairgrounds will be home to Krewe de LaWinn’s 1st Annual Trade Days, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

At the Trade Days, the Krewe will host its 2nd Annual Brewe da Roux Gumbo Cook-off. Contestants will compete for the title of the Cenla’s Best Gumbo Cook! Gumbos will be judged on aroma, flavor, consistency, color, and aftertaste. A special classification is our People’s Choice. That is when the general gets to cast their vote on who is the best Gumbo cook!

Do you have an award-winning Gumbo recipe? Then, join the festivities and show us how it tastes. All proceeds raise money to purchase playground equipment for children with special needs.

For further information, please get in touch with Tina Lloyd at 318-316-6143.

Winn Parish Police Jury Meeting Tonight

The Winn Parish Police Jury will hold a Special Called Meeting Monday, October 18, 2021, at 119 West Main Street, Parish Courthouse, Room 112, Winnfield, La. at 4:30 PM.


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Invocation & Pledge.
  3. Adoption of Agenda.
  4. Announcements & Comments:
    1. Joshua McAllister-To discuss Capital Outlay roads.
  6. Adjourn.

The Winn Parish Police Jury will hold a Regular Meeting Monday, October 18, 2021, at 119 West Main Street, Parish Courthouse Room 112, Winnfield, La. at 5:00 PM.


I. Call to Order.
II. Invocation and Pledge.
III. Amendments or deletions.
IV. Adoption of Agenda.
V. Adoption of Minutes-September 20, 2021-Regular Meeting and September 28, 2021-Special Called Meeting.
VI. Announcements and Comments.

1. Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent-to give a road update.


  1. Mr. Lawrence Desadier, Winn Parish Tax Assessor-To give a report on the 2021 Ad Valorem Taxes.
  2. Miss Anastacia Wiley, Judge Eighth Judicial Court-To recap her first year in office and discuss new equipment in Courtroom.
  3. Miss Kelley Skains-To discuss the Winn Parish Beautification Project. 


  1. Mr. Kirk Miles-Motion to approve monthly invoices.
  2. Mr. Author Robinson–Motion to reduce the speed limit to 15 MPH on Womack Road.
  3. Mrs. Tammy Griffin-Motion to Adopt a Winn Parish Ordinance for sale and use of fireworks.
    –Motion to adopt a Resolution to assist the Village of Calvin with the repair of holes in the road on the south end of 2nd Street starting at Front Street to the end of ih Street.
  4. Mr. Phillip Evans-Motion to Adopt a Resolution for the annual certification with the State of Louisiana Off System Bridge Replacement Program. –Motion to purchase a complete 60″ deck assembly from Covington Sales & Services, Inc. in the amount of $16,581.00.
  5. Mr. Joshua McAllister-Motion to adopt a Resolution in support ofresuming Federal Offshore Leasing in the Gulf of Mexico.
    –Motion to certify the 2021 Ad Valorem Tax Rolls.
    –Motion to adopt a Resolution to apply for 2022/2023 Capital Outlay for select roadways.
    –Motion to adopt a Resolution authorizing Mr. Henry Shuler of Shuler Consulting Company to draft and submit Capital Outlay requests on behalf of the Jury for
    –Motion to accept proposal for software in Police Jury meeting room from Open Meeting Technologies, Inc. in amount of $32,850 for 5 year subscription and maintenance using ARP A funds.
    –Motion to accept proposal for technology equipment in Police Jury meeting room from dbm computers in amount of$13,042 using ARPA funds.
    –Motion to transfer the loss revenue from 2020 using ARP A funds to the appropriate funds as follows: See attached list.
    –Motion to authorize employee hazard pay in amount of $108,514 for worked hours during the pandemic for 2020 using ARP A funds.
    –Motion to enter Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the Winn Parish Police Jury and Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs where the Parish contributes $796 per month to support the Veterans office in Winn Parish for 2021.
    –Motion to enter Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between and Winn Parish Police Jury and Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs where the Parish contributes $800 per month to support the Veterans Office in Winn Parish for 2022.
    –Motion to declare the following list ofroad equipment as surplus.

IX. Announcements and Comments:

Goldonna News

The leaves are beginning to change colors in Goldonna and the signs of Fall are peaking out of every tree line and every deer stand.

When you think of Fall in Goldonna you may be thinking of the Deer Corn Fundraiser at Goldonna Elementary School. Once again they will be raffling off a pallet of deer corn! You can call the school at 318-727-9499 for tickets or more information. Tickets are $1.00 each and the drawing will be held Monday, October 25th.

The Goldonna Elementary Junior High School will be having an informational meeting for the PTO group. It will be held October 21st at 5:30 in the school auditorium. Red Ribbon Week will be held October 25th thru October 29.

Monday – Champions don’t do Drugs – wear a sports jersey for $1
Tuesday- You won’t see me doing Drugs – wear camouflage for $1
Wednesday – Wake up Drug Free – wear appropriate PJ’s for $1
Thursday – You can’t Twin with drugs – find a friend and dress like twins $1
Friday – Say BOO! to Drugs – wear appropriate Halloween costume (no weapons( $1

Friday, October 22nd is the big day for Goldonna Assembly of God Church. They will host their “Step Right Up” faith and family fun fellowship. Start time is 6:00pm and your family can enjoy games, prizes, bounce houses, dunking booth and carnival food.

The Christmas in the Park committee will be in full operation from now until festival day. The committee is proud to announce there will be a parade this year. Rumor has it that some of the area high school bands will be marching! If you would like to participate in the parade you can message the Christmas In the Park Facebook page or reach out to the Mayor or a committee member. There is still plenty of room for volunteers as well. Santa will need all of the elves to make this the best festival ever!

If you have news to share please email Reba Phelps at jreba.phelps@gmail.com