Louisiana Logger’s Association and PAC President and Executive Director Receive State Appointments

Winn Parish-based, Louisiana Logger’s Association and PAC’s (LLA) Board President Josh McAllister, has been appointed by the governor to serve on the newly formed Louisiana Trucking Research and Education Council. The purpose of the Council is to promote education, training, research, and development for enhanced safety and efficiency within the industry. “I’m excited to be appointed to the council because this gives the logging industry a seat at the decision-making table and a voice in legislation drafted for our industry, neither of which we have had until now,” said Josh McAllister.

LLA’s Executive Director Toni McAllister has been appointed to a study group created by Louisiana House Concurrent Resolution 76 (LA HCR76) that authorizes and request- the Louisiana Department of Insurance to work with commercial freight companies to develop a good driver discount option for drivers with newly obtained commercial driver’s license.

LLA’s  mission is to promote the logging industry in Louisiana by supporting research, providing education and giving Louisiana Loggers a voice. Membership costs $300.00 and associate membership is $150.00.

The LLA will continue its advocacy on behalf of Louisiana Loggers in 2020 by working with legislatures on tort reform for commercial liability insurance for log haulers, as well as making plans to host a Legislative Day in Winn Parish that will invite the legislative body to come visit our rural area, visit onsite jobs and experience a day in the life of a logger. Later in the year, the association will be planning a Legislative Day at the capital what will include taking association logging members to the capital.

For more information regarding the LLA or to become a member contact Toni McAllister (318) 729-1726, lla_pac@laloggers.com.

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