Louisiana – Has Highest Rate of Drowning in US for Children age 1-14

In a letter dated June 6, 2020, Dr. Joseph M. Kanter, Assistant State Health Officer, encouraged colleagues to remember that even with Summer activities being affected by COVID-19, it’s vitally important to keep water safety in mind when it comes to children. Especially since Louisiana has the highest drowning rate for children 1-14 years in the United States, the letter states.

Safety tips that Kanter suggests include:

  1. Ensure environmental protections like pool fences are in place
  2. Ensure direct supervision by a lifeguard and or a parent or guardian is provided at all times;
  3. Life jackets and other safety equipment are used appropriately.
  4. Prepare families and their children for water by providing swimming lessons.
  5. Prepare parents and guardians for the potential emergency by taking a CPR training class (see www.cpr.heart.org for a training center in your area).

While 66% of drownings occur in a swimming pool and 16% in natural water, it’s vital to remember drownings can still occur in bathtubs, ponds, sewers, and even buckets. 

For more information, you can visit: PoolSafely.gov or https://www.childrenssafetynetwork.org/injury-topics/ drowning- prevention

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