Local State Farm Agent Laurinda Crenshaw Gives Back to Community

What could be better than starting off the new year by earning $10 for your favorite nonprofit organization? Winnfield, LA based State Farm Agent Laurinda Crenshaw is giving you the opportunity to do just that by offering the State Farm Quotes for Good Program to the community. The program offers to pay $10 to the non-profit organization of your choice when you contact her office for an auto, fire or renter’s insurance quote. Even if you don’t purchase a policy, Laurinda Crenshaw State Farm will still pay $10 to the nonprofit of your choice just for getting a quote and mentioning the Quotes for Good program! You can request a quote in person at the Laurinda Crenshaw State Farm office located at 609 West Court Street, Winnfield, LA 71483 or by phone by calling her office (318) 628-2711. A quote only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and the guidelines are simple:
• Contributions are made for requesting auto, homeowners and renter’s insurance quotes only.
• Persons cannot already have State Farm Insurance for the product being quoted.
• A contribution of $10 will be made for each line per household quoted. (If one person owns three autos only one contribution will be made. But if they request an auto and a homeowner’s quote, two donations will be made.)
• No purchase of insurance is required for the donation to be given.
• For auto quotes, driver’s license and Louisiana residency is required.
• Customer must provide enough information to complete the quote (driver’s license number, vehicle info, etc.)
• Quotes for Good Program along with the chosen nonprofit must be clearly stated when requesting quote.
• Quote must be requested from Laurinda Crenshaw, State Farm Agency during business hours of 8 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday (not another State Farm Agency or the after-hours service support team.)

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