End the Cycle of Addiction by Understanding the Teen Brain – Public Forum June 7th

As a parent, do you find yourself looking at your child, wondering, “Why would you do that?” From mood swings to risk-taking, “normal” teenage behavior can be confusing and frustrating.

Research reveals that patterns of brain development during these formative years play a significant role in shaping teens’ behavior. In other words, there’s a biological reason why teens often act the way they do.

The science of brain development explains why teens are responsive to new experiences and influences, both positive and negative. Brain development during this time makes the teen years a period of great promise and potential risk, especially for addiction. That’s why preventing and delaying substance use during this time is so vital to their long-term health.

Please join us for a public forum on Tuesday, June 7th, at the Winn Parish Library at 5:30 PM to discuss the problem of addiction in our area and what we, as a community, can do to make a difference. Please call Shonna Moss at 318-628-0169 to reserve a chair, as seating will be limited. Also, please watch for another article next week as we explore more of the teen brain and its development.

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