Christmas Open House Attracts Crowd

Main Street stores saw crowds not normally enjoyed when the Christmas Open House came to town November 9.

It felt like the “Old Days” that you hear about, where the downtown street is filled with people, stores are lit and ready for Christmas and holiday music (as well as some more contemporary sounds) can be heard by shoppers.

It was the traditional Christmas Open House put on by the downtown merchants, this time with a theme “Bands and Brushes.”  The bands, of course, provided the music heard on the steps of First Baptist, inside Pea Patch and on the patio beside.  The brushes referred to an emphasis on art, with displays in the Allen Building and Pea Patch.  It was described as a “Main Street Art Crawl.”

Stores, shops and boutiques saw shoppers coming through, some buying, others just previewing Christmas possibilities, while a few were just hoping to find candy or cookies or other holiday snacks that may have been offered by shopkeepers.  There was even red beans & rice at the museum where a number of concessioners were set up, hoping to sell their crafts.

It was a nice even, some business, a lot social and the misty rain held off until the very end.