Brenham, TX Pilot Flies Supplies to Winn Parish for Second Time

Thursday, September 3, 2020, Bryan Butler of Brenham, TX, flew his 1978 Piper from Brenham, TX to Winnfield, LA, to deliver supplies to aide in the Hurricane Laura Recovery effort.

This trip was Butler’s second flight to Winnfield. His first flight on August 29, 2020, was coordinated through American Rescue and the Cajun Navy.
He delivered non-perishable food that he picked up in Baton Rouge. He exchanged contact information with people from Winn Parish at Joyce Airport and stayed in touch.

When he said, let me know if there is anything else you need, he meant it. When he was told that it was looking like the power would be off for an extended time, he immediately went to work.

He contacted his friend and his children’s pediatrician Dr. Kenneth Baker, also of Brenham, TX. With monetary donations between himself and Dr. Baker, Butler purchased four generators, four gas cans, and six ice chest. Aviators Plus donated the fuel for Butler’s flight.

“Look, we know how it is to go without power. We’re going to keep making trips as long as you guys need help. Anything you need, I’ll do my best to make it happen,” said Butler.

Lee J. Taylor was one of the people waiting at Joyce Airport to meet Butler for his second trip. “It’s people like Bryan Butler that are true heroes in a situation like this. He doesn’t know a person here, and that’s what hero’s do. They step in and help even when they don’t have anything to gain personally,” said Taylor.

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