Tyler Pyles, DPT, Speaks to Kiwanis

Tyler Pyles, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, has opened Winnfield Physical Therapy in Winnfield on Highway 167. They started out 3 days a week and are now open 5 days a week as of April 4th. Tyler’s connections to Winnfield include his father Coach Andy Pyles and his mother Angela Audirsch. His goal was to bring a new business to the community which is also a service to the community. He believed that a PT clinic would thrive in Winnfield. It would be beneficial to the community so people would not have to travel to get physical therapy. The general public’s knowledge of physical therapy is not adequate. Physical therapy began as a bachelor’s degree, then became a master’s decree and is now a doctorate degree. Pyles attended PT school in St. Augustine, Florida. After graduation he worked a the University of Georgia, then took a travel job in Virginia close to Washington, D.C., and then returned to Shreveport and worked in Stonewall. He has a business partner who owns the clinic in Stonewall, one in Benton and now Winnfield. Patients now have access to physical therapy without a doctor’s order. The first exam is a full body check and they do look for red flags that would indicate that the patient needs to see a doctor. Physical therapists are trained in anatomy and biomechanics which gives them more knowledge than a physician would have. At Winnfield Physical Therapy they also help you sleep better, eat better and help with ways to relieve stress. They accept insurance, Medicare and some Medicaid plans. They also accept cash. They do not treat children under 7.

Pyles said he is happy to be here and offer a service to the community