League Urges Action In Order to Safeguard Upcoming 2020 Elections

In March, Congress earmarked $400 million in aid to states to address necessary policies to safeguard our elections during the COVID-19 public health crisis. This money is just a down payment on the real funding needed to protect the right to vote in the November elections. The November election is quickly approaching, and it is imperative Congress provides the necessary funding to transform our election system to respond to this crisis, and ensure voting remains fair, accessible, and safe.

Voters should not have to choose between their health and their vote. Call your Senators today at 1-888-415-4527 to demand the include additional money to ensure $4 billion in funding to secure our elections in the next stimulus package.

In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, Congress must institute reforms that will allow voters to safely cast their ballot and provide states the funding they need to run safe and secure elections.

States need to implement needed changes that allow voters to safely participate in November and protect our democracy. These changes include making the necessary adjustments so that polling places adhere to CDC guidelines. They will also help to expand the use of no-excuse-absentee-mail-in-ballots so that voters can participate safely from the comfort of their own homes. This critical election assistance can and should be used by states to increase vote-by-mail, expand early voting and online registration, and increase the safety of voting in-person by providing additional voting facilities and more poll-workers.

Call your Senators today to demand $4 billion in funding to secure our elections in the upcoming stimulus! Dial 1-888-415-4527 to get connected.
Just as the suffragists made their final push for the 19th Amendment in the midst of the Spanish Flu pandemic, we need you to advocate for policies that create a safe, efficient, and accessible election for all this November. In this time of crisis, we must ensure our election can continue in November and states must spend the next few months putting in place policies to expand access to the ballot so everyone can participate in our democracy.
If we act together, we can win the funding that we need to protect our vote.

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