Young Winn Parish Resident Has Many Rodeo Accomplishments

John Wade Hoffpauir a 12-years-old rodeo athlete from Winn Parish, has been riding his horses and rodeoing for the majority of his life. He has won many awards throughout his rodeo career: saddles, belt buckles, halters, and bits. The events he competes in are goat tying, calf roping, and team roping.

One thing is for sure, rodeo is fun but very hard work. In his first year as a member of the National Little Britches Rodeo Association John’s mother, Kandace Hoffpauir, took him to his rodeos with the help of his grandparents.

“If you are thinking about rodeoing, you should know a few things,” said John Wade. “A lot of people think your parents must be a Pro Rodeo winner or be really rich to succeed in this sport. Now I’m not poor, and I’m not rich. I’m somewhere in between. My dad isn’t a pro, but he can still team rope. Your horses are one of the most important things in rodeo. Now you don’t need a really expensive horse, you just need a horse that fits you. So, you don’t need the best of all things, like trucks, trailers, and tack to win in a rodeo. So, to do rodeo, you need to work hard, practice a lot, and most importantly have a family that will support you and help you.”

John Wade is thankful for everything his mom, dad, and all his family members and all the other people have done to help him. Whether it be helping him practice or giving him a rope.

“John Wade has always been a blessed addition to our little family,” said his mom Kandace. “He has always wished to be with horses! Ever since he was 2 weeks old, if you desired for him to be in a better disposition, just take him to the horses, especially “Rock” his old faithful All Around Sorrel Quarter Horse or “Gus” the Palomino Shetland pony.”

John Wade continues to ride today to honor his late sister, Krissy. The children trail rode, attended Rodeo Bible Camps, competed in 4-H Horse Shows, won equine tack prizes, buckles, saddles, and money in Mutton Bustin, Calf Riding, Goat Tying, Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Arena Races, Breakaway Roping, Showmanship, Trail Course, Halter Showing, and any other events available while also winning All Around Places in many local Playday clubs. They participated and placed in several Barrel Runs, and supported friends in Team Roping all of their lives as the very Best of Friends, siblings, and equine lovers.

After Krissy passed John Wade’s friends encouraged him to pursue roping events with National Little Britches. He attended Martha Josey’s Calf Clinic after buying a cutting horse and qualified for the National Little Britches Breakaway event on Huckleberry. He on Rock and his partner Kayson Lasyone on T, have grown to become such a great team and were named the Deep South Little Britches Team Roping Champions last year and qualified to attend the National Events this past year. He has continued to Goat Ty with his horse Jasmine who has won him many awards through the years, including qualifying for the National event this year.

“We love and support our son’s dreams,” said Kandace. “We have a great respect for the sport that keeps Christ in prayer before each event and honoring of the American Flag and National Anthem. We have grown our rodeo family.”

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