WSHS Students Attend Northwest District Literary Rally – Here’s Who Placed

Winnfield Senior High School students attended Northwest District Literary Rally and competed in Division III.

Thirteen students qualified for state competition at LSU. These included Joy So in Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics, Noe Vasquez in Agriscience I, Lauren Rouse in Agriscience II, Kaden Victor in Agriscience III, Jeremiah Laughlin in Algebra II, Macy Hemphill in Biology II, Jayden Lawson in Business Computer Applications, Peyton Little in English IV, Mackenzie Green in Fine Arts Survey, Latricia Johnson in Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Annie Heard in Psychology, Micah Simmons in U.S. History, and John Spikes in World Geography.

Six students, Joy So, Noe Vasquez, Lauren Rouse, Kaden Victor, Jeremiah Laughlin, and Peyton Little, earned medals for making the highest score in their subject in the division.

In Advanced Math – functions and statistics, Joy So placed 1st, Kaden Victor placed 2nd and Edward Starks placed 3rd.

In Agriscience I, Noe Vasquez placed 1st, Breanna Pray placed 2nd , and Riley Lawson placed 3rd.

In Agriscience II, Lauren Rouse placed 1st, Olivia Busha placed 2nd, and Alyssa VanBlaricum.

In Agriscience III, Kaden Victor placed 1st, Lauren Poole placed 2nd, and Micah Simmons placed 3rd.

In Algebra I, Emily Nevils placed 3rd, Jasmine Jones placed 4th, and Addison Griffin placed 5th.

In Algebra II, Jeremiah Laughlin placed 1st and Joselyn Stark placed 5th.

In Biology II, Macy Hemphill placed 3rd.

In Business Computer Applications, Jayden Lawson placed 2nd.

In English I, Emily Nevils placed 3rd.

In English IV, Peyton Little placed 2nd and Chandler Poisso placed 4th.

In Financial Literacy, Rianna Mafnas placed 5th.

In Fine Arts Survey, Mackenzie Green placed 2nd, Rianna Mafnas placed 4th and Alon Shelton placed 5th.

In Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Latricia Johnson placed 2nd and Tineshia Sapp placed 5th.

In Psychology, Annie Heard placed 2nd.

In Spelling, Peyton Little placed 1st and Ala’zea McMiller placed 2nd.

In U.S. History, Micah Simmons placed 2nd and Mackenzie Green placed 5th.

In World Geography, John Spikes placed 3rd.

Congratulations to all of these students.

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