Writer Glynn Harris Speaks to WSHS Sophomores

By Macy Hemphill, Junior, Winnfield Senior High School

Dr. Cole’s sophomore class was awarded the chance to listen to a prolific writer in the area. Glynn Harris, an avid turkey hunter and accomplished writer, spoke to the class in our very own lecture room on his career and the profession of writing. Mr. Harris is an alumni of Goldonna High School and has been writing on the great outdoors for forty-eight years. He’s a long-time writer of outdoors columns for numerous journals and newspapers around the state and is a long-standing member of the Louisiana Outdoors Writers Association, in addition to holding multiple awards.

Harris answered questions from students and gave the advice to follow your dreams and to learn to express yourself clearly to become a good writer. In his experience, to become a better writer is to continue to write to improve. Harris had humble beginnings at the Guardian Journal in Homer, LA and worked his way up to columns in big-time papers in Ruston and Shreveport. He has traveled the country hunting turkeys and traversed the world to fish, landing in places such as Spain and Hawaii to experience the catches there. 

Harris recounted his writing methods to our students; his routine begins on Mondays as he interviews and records his radio programs, and he writes his columns through Tuesdays to be turned in on Wednesdays for papers. The occasional magazine article is written on Thursdays and Fridays, but when that task is absent Harris spends his time fishing.

Harris takes inspiration from his fellow writers and the environment around him. He fields questions from readers and listeners on a range of topics, from the bream fish to songbirds, and his favorite is the hummingbird as of late. Harris also emphasized the importance of writing to high school students. Writing is found in every career, both blue and white collar, and Harris expressed the importance of being able to communicate yourself clearly and cleanly on job applications, and in real life situations for a variety of careers from reports in law enforcement to presentations to supervisors.

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