WPSB Unveils Proposed Redistricting Map

Winn Parish School Board Members are elec­ted by voters grouped into districts. But popu­la­tions change. Some districts gain resid­ents, others lose them. Districts also may change demo­graph­ic­ally. That’s why district bound­ar­ies are redrawn every ten years according to Census data to ensure each district has about the same number of people and that districts are reflect­ive and repres­ent­at­ive of the elect­or­ate.

To ensure that Winn Parish districts are properly represented the Board employed the services of Strategic Demographics, LLC to assist in redrawing the districts. A representative from the firm met with board members and analyzed data from the 2020 Census to develop the proposed map. Each district must have an equal number of citizens within a +/- 5% margin. Also very important when considering district lines is voting districts may not be split.

Board members got their first look at the proposed map at the WPSB Committee meeting held on Monday, February 28th. Next, it will appear on the agenda for the WPSB Regular meeting scheduled for Monday, March 7th. The Board will then “table” approving the proposed map until April’s meeting to give the community time to review the proposed changes to the districts, comment, or suggest changes to the Board.

The Board has posted the map on their website for review. There is also an email address comments@winnpsb.us for citizens to submit comments or suggestions. You may also contact your school board member to discuss the proposed districts.

You can find a list of board members here.

The proposed map below outlines the proposed boundaries for each school board district.

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