WPJ Sits Down with Winnfield Mayor-Elect Gerald “Scooter” Hamms

The Winn Parish Journal sat down with Winnfield Mayor-elect Gerald “Scooter” Hamms to discuss his recent election win.

Hamms, one of five siblings, was born and raised in Winnfield. He graduated from Winnfield Senior High School in 1978 and then joined the Unites States Marine Corps, where he served for three years. Hamms returned to Winnfield after completing his armed forces commitment and attended Louisiana Tech.

Being around people involved in the community inspired Hamms to get involved in local politics. “From the beginning, I just wanted to do my part to help my community,” stated Hamms.

Hamms is no stranger to running for office. Before serving two terms on the City of Winnfield City Council, he previously ran for Winn Parish Sheriff and Winn Parish Police Jury. When asked if losing previous election bids ever made him think he should stop pursuing political office, he stated, “No, not at all; Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before being elected president. I was certain my time would come, but it would be in the Lord’s time, not my time. So, I was doing my part and waiting on the Lord.”

When Hamms takes office in July of 2022, he will make history by being the first elected black man to hold the office of Mayor of Winnfield, LA. When asked if he ever considered that he was making history, he stated, “No, I didn’t think about that when I decided to run for mayor. But, I take it very seriously, and it’s not lost on me that the Lord has trusted me to carry out this opportunity.”

When asked about his plans for the city, Hamms says, “I have a 30, 60, 90-day plan. But, first, I will need to get into office and access each department before deciding on any changes. The recreation department is of specific interest to me because I spearheaded the sales tax that the recreation department receives for funding. I plan to work closely with the recreation board and upgrade the rec; because our children are the future.”

As far as his personal life, Hamms is currently unmarried with two children, Germi and Kaytreeal. He is a member of New Zion Church in Winnfield, where his brother Tommy Hamms was previously the pastor and his nephew Tammel Hamms is currently the pastor. “My family keeps me grounded. We are all very close,” stated Hamms.

The community is hosting a free Family Fun Day celebrating Mayor-Elect Hamms on Saturday, May 7, 2022, from 1 PM – 9 PM at the Winnfield Civic Center.

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