Womack’s Weekend Fish Fry Fundraiser!

This past Saturday, April 29th, Dylan Womack (a Winn Parish ’23 Sheriff’s candidate) and his team were out in Joyce, passing out plates and Mr. Womack’s intentions for office along with a smile.

With a little over two-hundred and fifty plates shared, and hundred and twenty pounds worth of fish, and seventy-five spuds cleared in its making, Womack and his team feel confident they not only filled plenty of bellies but the air with good discussion and community fellowship!

We at WPJ appreciate ‘Dylan Womack for Sheriff’ for sharing their weekend with us! Though we here at Winn Parish Journal have no political affiliations with any running candidate within the Parish we appreciate seeing the comings and goings of the hard-working individuals and what they’re doing for and within our community! Please remember to utilize the ‘wpjreporter@gmail.com’ email address should you or yours have any information or an occasion you’d love to share with our neck of the woods!