Winnfield’s First Clean Out Your Freezer Day a Success

Back in 1994, a group of local Baton Rouge hunters came together to discuss sharing the game they harvested each year for the needy within their community. Since that day, Hunters For The Hungry has increased its awareness and reach, now partnering with five major food banks here in Louisiana and conducting several programs to provide for families. 

This past Sunday, August 27 marked their annual, “Clean Out Your Freezer’ day statewide. Seventeen drop-off locations, including Winn Parish (at Winnfield Farmers Market: corner of W. Main Street and St John St.) collected everything from naturally sourced (and properly packaged) proteins to canned and even store-bought items. 

“Knowing the dozens of local hunters, fishermen, sportsmen, and even farmers in our area it just makes sense,” remarked Chet Atkins, Winnfield’s first-year host as he explained how he stumbled onto Hunters For The Hungry and their list of programs. “One of the easiest things to do is waste a freezer full of meat after a good harvest. This helps cut the possibility of waste. If you aren’t going to eat it, someone with a greater need could.” 

Atkins shared that the day’s contributions led to the donation of over 40 pounds of meat to both the Lousiana Council of Aging and the Louisiana Adult and Teen Challenge. Though pleased to be able to make such a contribution, he hopes for an even better turnout next year and wanted to remind everyone within the Parish that this is the perfect opportunity to give back and work together as a community to see that no one goes without.