Winnfield Woman Cited for Indecent Exposure Attorney Releases Statement

In an email to the Winn Parish Journal Casey LaCaze-Lachney’s attorney Randall T. Hayes issued the following statement:

“I don’t ever want another person to feel the embarrassment I felt in front of my children.”

On June 11, 2022, a young woman named Casey was attending a summer festival with her family in Winnfield, Louisiana, when she was approached by three police officers. Those officers issued Casey a citation for violation of the city’s Indecent Exposure ordinance.

The ordinance says that it “shall be unlawful for any person to wear pants, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, or skorts in any public place or place open to the public which either intentionally exposes undergarments or which intentionally exposes any portion of the pubic hair, cleft of the buttocks, or genitals.”

There are two elements to this crime that Casey is alleged to have committed. One: The undergarments or one of the body parts mentioned must be exposed. Two: The exposure must be intentional.

Neither of these elements was met. There is no evidence that Casey even unintentionally exposed herself in any of the ways covered by the ordinance. The claim that Casey intentionally did anything like that while attending a festival with her husband and her children in downtown Winnfield is not believable.

With the hope of bringing this matter to a close, on Monday, June 20, we requested the body camera video of Casey’s encounter with the police. I faxed a written request to Winnfield Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter’s office. I confirmed by telephone that the fax had been received. I made repeated telephone calls to the police department. I have been told that the chief, then the assistant chief, then the lieutenant would call me back. I am still waiting for those calls. Well over 48 hours after we made the request, we still do not have the video which could resolve this matter, nor have we gotten an explanation for why we have not gotten the video.

Casey is not looking for money. She is not asking that anyone be fired over one mistake.

When I asked Casey what resolution she wanted, she said, “I don’t ever want another person to feel the embarrassment I felt in front of my children.”

Casey wants an acknowledgment that this citation should have never been written. She wants an apology from the police officers for how they handled this incident. She wants a commitment from the City of Winnfield that its police officers will have proper training on how to enforce the city’s Indecent Exposure ordinance. She wants to make sure that in the future a woman will be able to attend a festival in Winnfield without being harassed simply because of how she is dressed.

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6 thoughts on “Winnfield Woman Cited for Indecent Exposure Attorney Releases Statement

  1. is the attorney going to address the fact that one of those “officers” isn’t an officer. geez. why is everybody skipping past that part like it didn’t happen? that’s ILLEGAL and needs to be handled properly.

    • Yes the police chief won’t do anything about it. Angie Curry is the dispatcher that is allowed to do whatever she wants, because her husband is a boss there. It’s shameful, Chuck Curry is the L.T. There and has been a smart ass for years, he’s disrespectful to the public. Just sorry ass excuse of police. I hope this woman gets the justice she very much deserves. Once that is handled then maybe the police chief will do something with these tyrants

  2. She did nothing wrong. She should never even had offered to go home to change. When she does, she admits wrong doing…there is nothing wrong with her outfit. She looked cute! I’d be interested in seeing how many other people have been cited for violation of that ordinance.

  3. How do the 3 women officers look along with their figures? Hmmmm!🤔 And maybe the people that passed that law are probably old male chauvinist. They’re not going to release a video n I’m waiting on the heartfelt apology. Keep me posted. ✌🏾

  4. Indecent exposure laws are meant to protect people from sexual predators. The young mother who was charged is clearly not a sexual predator. Also, since the young lady wasn’t even showing cleavage or exposing any other private part, it is impossible not to conclude that those cops arrested the woman out of spite. They arrested her because they could. I’ll say this, if they put that girl in prison for being pretty, it will be one more reason not to go anywhere near Winnfield, Louisiana. In a town where they arrest young women on trumped up felony charges, who is safe?

  5. Wow. Winnfield “police” should be embarassed. Apparently a little group of ‘mean girls’ is running the police department. Pathetic and frightening. Get it together…the world is watching.

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