Winnfield Police Officer Suspension Changed to W/Pay Following His Arrest by WPSO – Update – Alleged Victim Responds via Social Media


Winnfield Police Officer Zillah J. Moody, the alleged victim in the sexual battery case against Winnfield Police Officer Dustin Davis, took to her TikTok account to explain her side of the allegations against Davis.

In the video, Moody explains that on February 23rd, while on duty, Davis grabbed her vagina and that the incident was caught on camera, and there was a witness. “I thought this was going to be a cut and dry case,” she states. She goes on to say that when she filed her grievance form, her admin stated that she provoked the altercation by what she posted on her social media, and the incident was her fault.  “We were not talking about anything inappropriate prior, we had no type of dealing with each other, nothing was going on for him to put his hands on me,” says Moody. In a plea for help, Moody describes how Davis is allowed to go up to the Winnfield Police Department and contact her. She states that she is being picked on and badgered at work because of this situation, and she is getting no help. 

Dustin Davis had no comments when contacted by the WPJ.

The WPJ reached out to the Winnfield Police Department, who stated, “The Winnfield Police Department does not comment on cases under investigation.” 

To watch Moody’s TikTok post click here. Zillah J. Moody TikTok

Original story July 22, 2022

In a series of events that are challenging to follow, the City of Winnfield City Council voted Tuesday to change Officer Dustin Davis’s suspension to “Suspended With Pay” pending the results of the investigation of the arrest of Davis by the Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office on July 5th.

Winn Parish Sheriff Cranford Jordan stated to the WPJ that: The Louisiana State Police turned over the investigation of Davis to the Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office for completion. After completing the investigation, Davis was arrested and charged with Sexual Battery and Malfecance in the workplace on July 5th. “Charges do not implicate immediate guilt,” stated Jordan. Jordan said, “Davis received a warning from his attorney, who received notification of his client’s warrant and counseled him to turn himself in, but that Davis was arrested and processed according to the law.”

According to Jordan, “Davis’s bond was $15,000, and he was bonded and released shortly after the booking process.” Jordan explained that it is policy to have an officer, past or present, separated from the general population to avoid danger or any other issues that may occur between an officer and any inmates he may or may not have had a hand in sending to jail.

Bond was set by Judge Jimmie Peters, who was appointed after 8th JDC Judge Staci Wiley recused herself from the case.

“The Davis case was handled by our department and staff like any other case. It is now in the hands of the DA’s office,” concluded Jordan.

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