Winnfield Mayor Addresses Main Street Stoplights

As we all know, the city has had issues with the stoplights on Main Street for quite some time. These lights are antiques, and parts are almost impossible to find. I want everyone to be aware that this has been a frustrating issue that we have been working on for three years.

When the circuit boards that control the lights began to short out, the lights would blink yellow and red and this created confusion and almost caused several accidents.

We were finally able to make four-way stops, and this did help the matter. The city considered the possibility of replacing our “antique” lights with new stoplights only to discover that it would cost Winnfield $150,000 per light. Therefore, that was just not a cost-effective solution.

We have finally found an electric firm that can rebuild the circuit boxes to repair our current stoplights. That is what is going on right now and why the lights are out and not even blinking.

I do not have a timeline as to when the electric firm will have the circuit boards completed, but it will be very soon.

I appreciate your patience,

Mayor, George Moss

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