Winnfield High School Reunion Exploratory Committee to Hold Meeting June 25

The Winnfield High School Exploratory Committee is to meet on June 25th at 11:30 am at Lynda’s Restaurant in Winnfield.

“The WHS Annual Reunion has been an annual affair in Winnfield for nearly 70 years,” James Ronald Skains, spokesman for the group said. “However, the 2020 Reunion was not held due to the Pandemic and the 2021 WHS Annual Reunion will not be held this year for a number of reason.” “Our group is looking for the right combination to get the Annual WHS Reunion up and running and keep it going,” Skains continued. “I believe that in times like we are going through now with so much cultural change that it is is important if at all possible to have a network of old friends and classmates to meet with and stay in touch.”

“At our June 25th meeting, we want to explore as many ideas as possible to get the Reunion up and running again and enhance our event so it will be more attractive for classmates to attend. Tammy Procell and a group from the 1972 graduating class has expressed interest in being involved in the 2022 WHS Reunion which will mark their 50th year since graduating.”

“We realize that hosting a Reunion is a big undertaking for just one class so we have been entertaining the idea of having a Standing WHS Alumni Reunion Committee to help the 50th year Host class plan and implement the Reunion event,” Skains added. “For the 2022 event we are looking to have a breakfast on Saturday morning and then have the traditional early evening dinner as has been the custom in past Reunions.”

“There have been so many people who have worked very hard over the years to keep the WHS Reunion going such as Mrs. Sara Shell and husband Dennis, Jackie and Shelton Collins, and Mr. Averritt who was the main cog back in the 1950s in establishing the Annual Reunion. Many other WHS grads have served in various capacities in getting the three times a year newsletter out and various other duties needed in the Reunion Event.”

“As part of the Reunion Exploratory Committee, we are searching for the best way forward to keep this event, which is dear to the heart of many WHS grads going on a solid pathway,” Skains elaborated. “But we need and want to hear the ideas necessary to accomplish this goal so we ask that you please take a break in your busy schedule and spend about an hour and a half with us on the 25th.”

“A couple of major ideas that we have discussed is having a WHS Hall of Fame event since so many WHS grads have gone on into very successful careers that they deserve additional recognition for their accomplishments. WHS has many things to be proud of even though WHS did turn more than its fair share of Louisiana politicians. I’m saying the political point in jest but Winnfield High School is well known around the state and nation.”

“One other major idea is in 2023 to have a Saturday luncheon geared toward some of the younger classes that graduated in the late 1970s and ’80s. We realize that even in good ole Winnfield our culture changed a little when the Senior High was built in the mid-1960s. We want to include all who graduated from Winnfield High School in our WHS Reunion event.”

“So in closing, I want to say again, we want and need your ideas and input. Let us make the WHS Alumni Reunion an exciting affair and the association of our old friends and classmates, something to hold dear. We can do it with your help by attending the meeting on the 25th. May God bless each and everyone richly and keep you safely.”

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  1. A committee to explore & creat a permanent solution to continuing the Winnfield High School Reunions is the way to go! Thanks for all who are working toward this goal and I certainly will support any suggestions to make it happen.

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