Winn Parish Recovery Response Update 8-30-20

Yesterday morning the Winn Parish Police Jury (Jury) met with LA Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell. Campbell assured the Jury that he is doing everything possible to put pressure on the power company executives to speed power restoration. He stated, “In my travels through the state to view the damage, Winn Parish is absolutely the hardest hit place I’ve traveled through.”

Roderick Worthy, with Entergy LA, addressed the Jury, assuring them that everything that can be done to restore power is being done. He explained that the hurricane damage is very extensive. The hardest hit was Entergy’s transmission structure. Entergy must get the transmission structure operating first before they can restore power down the lines. Their best estimate for everyone to have power restored is four days. Power will come on in stages, but everyone being restored is approximately four days.

Police Jury President Josh McAllister explained that two systems are working at the same time. #1 National Guard is distributing commodities at the Winnfield Senior High School. #2 the Cajun Navy is providing hot food that is being distributed at the Winnfield Senior High School. Water is also available for pick up.

If you know of anyone unable to travel to Winnfield for supplies, please contact your police juror. Volunteers can report to the Winnfield Senior High School.

District 1
Mr. Phillip Evans | Email
Natchitoches, Louisiana
(318) 646-2045
District 2
Mrs. Deionne Carpenter | Email
Winnfield, Louisiana
(318) 302-3113
District 3
Mr. Josh McAllister- President | Email
Winnfield, Louisiana
(318) 332-9699 or (318) 729-1727
District 4
Mrs. Tammy Griffin | Email
Goldonna, LA
(318) 277-6582
District 5Mr. Kirk Miles | Email
Dodson, LA
(318) 413-0754
District 6
Mr. Author Robinson | Email
Winnfield, Louisiana
(318) 628-7634
District 7
Mr. Allen Michael McCartney- Vice President | Email
Georgetown, Louisiana
(318) 332-7883

Please be patient. Public officials and volunteers are doing their best to help. The police jury is doing everything possible to help everyone in need.

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