Winn Parish Police Jury Regular Meeting Tonight

The Winn Parish Police Jury will meet for a Regular Meeting, Monday, November 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM, at 119 West Main Street, Parish Courthouse Room 112, Winnfield, La.

I. Call to Order.
II. Invocation and Pledge.
III. Amendments or deletions.
IV. Adoption of Agenda.
V. Adoption of Minutes-September 28, 2021-Special Called Meeting, October 18, 2021-Regular Meeting, October 18, 2021-Special Called Meeting and October 20, 2021-Bid Committee Meeting.
VI. Announcements and Comments.
1. Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent-to give a road update.
2. President Joshua McAllister-Notice to the Public.
(1) Mr. Kirk Miles-Motion to approve monthly invoices. –Motion to award bids on road materials and supplies for the 2022 calendar year. (See attached list)
(2) Mr. Phillip Evans-Motion to Adopt a Resolution to assist the Village of Atlanta by grading the following streets: Graff, Collier, Hanson Loop, Carter Lane, Spikes, Finklea, Longino and Denny. Also, bush hog or side cut the following streets: Bell Loop, Collier, Pennywell, Hanson Loop, School, Teal, Spikes, Finklea and Pacton­Alexandria (in Village limits).
(3) Mrs. Deionne Carpenter-Motion to approve the beer permit for Midway RV Park & Marina for remainder of 2021.
–Motion to approve the beer and liquor permit for Midway RV Park & Marina for calendar year 2022.
(4) Mr. Joshua McAllister-Motion to adopt a Resolution appointing the Engineering Firm of Shuler Consulting Company on the La. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Fema 4559DR-LA Hurricane Laura.
–Motion to adopt a Resolution to participate in the National Settlements and Louisiana MOU and give President Joshua McAllister authority to execute any formal agreements implementing a unified plan for the allocation and use of opioid settlement proceeds.
–Motion to adopt the LCDBG-CV Management Resolution.
–Motion to adopt the LCDBG-CV Section 504 Grievance Procedure Resolution.
–Motion to adopt the LCDGB-CV Policy Statement for communicating information to persons with sensory impairments Resolution.
–Motion to adopt the LCDBG-CV Language Access Plan for limited English proficiency persons Resolution.

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