Winn Parish Police Jury Meeting Tomorrow

The Winn Parish Police Jury will meet for a regular meeting at 5 PM on February 22, 2022, in room 112 of the Winn Parish Court House located at 119 West Main Street.

I. Call to Order.

II. Invocation and Pledge.

III. Amendments or deletions.

IV. Adoption of Agenda.

V. Adoption of Minutes-January 18, 2022-Regular Meeting and February 17, 2022-Buildings, Grounds and Community Development Committee Meeting.

VI. Announcements and Comments.

1. Mr. Perry Holmes, Road Superintendent-to give a road update.




(1) Mr. Kirk Miles-Motion to approve monthly invoices.
(2) Mr. Author Robinson-Motion to remove 380 ft on the east side of Ohio Street in Joyce from Hwy 84 down towards the cemetery.
(3) Mrs. Deionne Carpenter-Motion to approve the recommended project budget on the Fema 4559 Hazard Mitigation Grant.
(4) Mr. Joshua McAllister-Motion to appoint Mrs. Vicky Foster to the Library Board for a 5 year term.
–Motion to adopt an Ordinance declaring the current districting plan of single member districts of the Winn Parish Police Jury is malapportioned utilizing the population data from the 2020 federal decennial census & the Jury shall adopt a new districting plan for use in the next regularly scheduled election.
–Motion to authorize and direct Strategic Demographics, LLC to further proceed with crafting a redistricting plan.

IX. Announcements and Comments:

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