Winn Parish Police Juror Goes Above and Beyond

With all of the rain that Winn Parish has received in the last few weeks, to say that the Winn Parish Police Jurors have been busy addressing road issues in their districts would be an understatement. 

All of the jurors that serve on the Winn Parish Police Jury do a great job of monitoring their districts and serving their constituents. Recently the WPJ has been made aware of one that has gone above and beyond the call of duty. 

Winn Parish Police Jury Secretary/Treasurer Karen Tyler, was informed  the trash was not being picked up on a street in Tannehill. Karen looked into the issue and found out that a culvert was busted, and the parish trash truck was unable to access the road to pick up the resident’s trash. Unfortunately, the rains had washed out the rock on the road and instead of continuing to replace the rock it was decided that replacing a culvert would be a better solution. A replacement culverts was ordered from Texas, and it was taking some time for delivery. 

When Kirk Miles, District 5 Police Juror, was informed of the issue, he assisted by personally going by the four homes on the street and picking up bagged trash out of the resident’s trashcans. According to Kirk, he wasn’t able to get the trash out of every trashcan on the road because not all of the garbage inside their cans was bagged. I was trying to help in whatever way I can said, Kirk. I was notified today that the culvert had been replaced, he added. 

Almost all police jurors have full-time jobs on top of serving as jurors. When residents have issues, it’s expected that you can call your juror, and they will make some phone calls on your behalf to find a solution. It’s above and beyond to think that they would personally pick up your trash. 

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