Winn Parish Officials Schedule Emergency Preparedness Conference Call to Address COVID-19

Winn Parish Police Jury President Josh McAllister confirmed with the Winn Parish Journal that there is a conference call with Winn Parish Officials scheduled for Friday morning to discuss emergency preparedness in response to COVID-19. According to McAllister, he has been on several similar conference calls with federal and state government officials in the last few days to formulate a plan to safely handle the situation. 

Winn Parish School Board Superintendent, Steve Bartlett advised the Winn Parish Journal that he met with all school administrators Thursday morning to address concerns regarding COVID-19. Currently, the only restrictions in place state that all out of parish trips that include students must be approved by the superintendent. The school board also continues to practice good hygiene to eliminate the spread of germs amongst students and staff. Bartlett continues to monitor the situation closely and will follow all directives from the state in regards to the operations of schools.

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