Winn Parish Hometown Heroes

Private Second-Class Jennings is also known as Miss Jesse M. Jennings is the Winn Parish Journal’s featured “Hometown Hero.”

Private Jennings was born in Ruston and lived in Mobile, AL until 2011 when she, her parents Todd and Robin Jennings and, older brother Ty moved back home to Winnfield. She graduated from Winnfield Senior High School in 2019. Her father Todd Jennings was raised in Atlanta and is also a twelve-year military veteran serving in the Air Force and Army Reserve.

Private Jennings attended basic training at Fort Jackson, SC in 2019. She is currently at AIT at Fort Lee, VA where she was recently made squad leader. “The day she got on the plane for basic, she told us, I have been waiting for this all my life! Jesse talked about serving her country and how it is a privilege to do so, she set a goal in her life and is achieving it,” stated her mother Robin Jennings. Private Jennings plans to graduate from college and continue to pursue an active duty military career.

This is what Private Jennings had to say about being considered a hero. “I don’t feel like a hero. I will never feel like a hero. The ones I consider real heroes are the ones in the past and present, who are physically fighting for our country. Those who have been injured and who have died in combat. The ones who have come home with scars inside and out, and especially the ones who didn’t get to come back. Even when I deploy and possibly get combat experience, I’d still never consider myself a hero. Honestly, I feel that this is a calling. Not just a job. It’s a way of life, not for everyone though. I’ve wanted this as long as I can remember. I feel proud and honored to wear this Army uniform and serve my country.”

Thank you for your service, Private Jennings!

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